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Keri Gans, RD, author of The Small Change Diet, reveals the best strategies to lose weight and keep it off through a balanced approach to healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

“Eat three meals plus one to two snacks a day” is what I usually recommend to all my patients.

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Just when things seem quiet on the diet front, a new book is released. The latest to catch my attention is Jorge Cruise’s The 100: Count Only Sugar Calories and Lose Up To 18 Lbs....

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Every morning I wash my face and gently pat eye cream under my eyes to help prevent wrinkles. And most days I put on concealer, eye shadow, and mascara so my eyes look just so.

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Before you barbecue this weekend, you might want to think about what you're throwing on the grill.

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We all know that we should start our day with breakfast, and I tell my patients that nothing is easier than grabbing a bowl of cereal with low-fat milk or yogurt.

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Remember the days when chocolate was simply chocolate? It came in either white, milk, or dark and sometimes had nuts added.

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On Monday, Chipotle Mexican Grill began offering sofritas, shredded tofu braised with chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos (mild chili peppers), and a blend of spices, at its California...

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Hearing that yogurt is good for you is nothing new.

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As long as I have been in private practice, it seems to me that there are some foods I have a hard time convincing patients to consume more of, especially white potatoes and beans.

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Recent headlines have candy lovers rejoicing: Sweets won’t make you fat or give you heart disease,...

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