New Baby, New Body

Bloomberg TV anchor Stephanie Ruhle shares her journey as she gets back in shape after having her third child.

Today's post is for all the single men out there.

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After previously cancelling three times, I reluctantly signed up for the Summit class at Exceed Physical Culture.

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You have a lot more in common with Disney's Tarzan and Jane than you might think. After all, who doesn't love the idea of being rescued by a super-hot, shirtless guy?

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When I started my New Baby, New Body blog, I talked a lot about baby steps. I can't stress enough how important they are in my life.

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As a working mother and wife, my life is jam-packed with obligations. Careers and kids are amazing, but they're accompanied by an endless stream of tasks.

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Remember when you'd swing by a neighbor's house and get offered a beer or maybe a cup of coffee?

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A typical Friday around 6 p.m. usually involves one of the following:

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Two of our favorite excuses for holding onto a few extra pounds and being out of shape: Too little time and too little money.

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My dear friend Susie and I are neither yoga masters nor surfer chicks, but we do love the ocean and adventure. Plus, we're not afraid to laugh at ourselves.

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I went to a new exercise class yesterday and guess what? I hated it! I worked really hard and now I'm super sore. Many exercise enthusiasts would consider that a good thing, but I don't...

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