New Baby, New Body

Bloomberg TV anchor Stephanie Ruhle shares her journey as she gets back in shape after having her third child.

I've had to make quite a few "adjustments" while on maternity leave. People say the news business never sleeps, but those people have clearly never cared for a newborn.

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Lots of people have had great success with diets that involve counting calories, using a point system, or  adding up grams of fat. But none of that has ever worked for me.

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Tennis is a great summer sport. I especially love mixed doubles with my husband, but for hardcore exercise enthusiasts, tennis doesn't always pack enough punch.

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It drives me crazy when my kids complain about their various extracurricular activities.

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Last night our posse from the beach came over for a little post-dinner ice cream/dance jam/freeze tag bonanza, and while watching kids ages two through 12 race around my yard, I got to...

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School is out, summer is officially here, and I'm thrilled to be down in Long Beach Island with my kids.

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When my scale or pre-baby jeans are laughing at me, I like to blame my meaty muffin top on everyone but me: work dinners, lack of sleep, and of course my children.

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My good friend Jeff Rochford is a key member of Fred's Team, a group of athletes and...

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Over the last seven weeks, I've really learned the benefits of packing smart snacks for myself.

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It's amazing how filling my cup with empty calories can lead to filling out the rear of my jeans. While you may watch what you eat, food is only half the battle.

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