New Baby, New Body

Bloomberg TV anchor Stephanie Ruhle shares her journey as she gets back in shape after having her third child.

You hit "snooze" a few too many times to make a proper breakfast. You skipped your morning workout. You bagged the stairs and subway and flopped into a taxi instead.

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City girls are known for using their ovens to store sweaters and lining their bookshelves with shoes.

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I spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach with three of my favorite "Fs:" friends, family, and food.

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ProcrastinEATing. You might not know the term, but like me, you might suffer from this dreadful plight.

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Things I will never do:

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Pictured here is my 6-year-old Harry holding a jar of organic peanut butter. The price? $16. Yes, you read that right. Sixteen ounces for 16 big ones.

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"Help, I'm an accidental vegetarian!" That was my revelation this week.

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The candid truth: My baby was born 20 days ago, my sons are behaving like characters in Lord of the Flies, and nursing has me so deliriously tired and hungry that I feel like a...

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Newborn babies spend their perfect little days sleeping and eating. Mothers of newborn babies spend their days feeding, organizing, and doing everything but sleeping!

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