Weight Loss Diary

Check in with SHAPE magazine columnist Beth Blair as she posts weekly about her weight-loss journey on shape.com. Learn from her successes and struggles as she chronicles her transformation in 2014.

Despite all of our best efforts, sometimes there are external factors that get in the way of our healthy goals.

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When I first started practicing yoga regularly, there were only a couple of poses I could pull off confidently: downward facing dog and child's pose.

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Water aerobics. A few months ago, I would have never considered trying it. Why?

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This past weekend, I celebrated my 38th birthday.

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This past weekend my mom, Rita, and I enjoyed some girl time at the Women's Wellness Weekend at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs...

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When I first started this weight loss journey with SHAPE, I made a trip to my local Sports Authority for new fitness gear.

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Exercise frustration. That's what I've been struggling with for the last few months.

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I consider myself an adventurous person and like to try new things, but when it comes to testing my physical endurance, I'm the queen of staying in the box.

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Exercising on the road has always been a little tricky for me, especially with a family.

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Being a travel writer, it would make sense that I have a passion for Travel Channel shows—and I'm particularly fond of the foodie shows.

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