Weight Loss Diary

Check in with SHAPE magazine columnist Beth Blair as she posts weekly about her weight-loss journey on shape.com. Learn from her successes and struggles as she chronicles her transformation in 2014.

I have a serious sweet tooth, which means that after lunch and dinner, I’m always asking, “what’s for dessert?” Chocolate is my biggest weakness although peanut butter comes in a close...

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Meatloaf is an American staple but it's not exactly healthy. For a light yet tasty version, try my turkey meatloaf recipe. You won’t miss the beef or breadcrumbs.

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This morning I went to Dunkin Donuts with two co-workers to get coffee.

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Summer in Chicago is delightful. The sun is shining, restaurant patios open up and people are more social.

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Trading in steaks and pork chops for fish can significantly impact your health and waistline, according to my nutritionist, Keri Gans.

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Most people who try to lose weight end up focusing on one thing: the pesky number on the scale!

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Since, like most people, I spend a huge chunk of my time at the office, my personal trainer Stephanie Pipia suggested that I incorporate exercise into my workday.

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Ever get bored with the gym, using the same cardio machines day in and out: the treadmill, the elliptical, and the Stairmaster? I do!

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I often struggle with feeling overwhelmed and stressed, whether I’m on deadline at work or worried that I won’t make it to the gym.

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When most people who, like me, are trying to lose weight hear the word fat, they run for the hills.

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