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The pesky and unwanted little fat deposits around your hips and upper thighs? Those are the saddlebags, and they’re are a problem area for women everywhere.

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Scientists say they've figured out why elite sprinters are so much faster than the rest of us mere mortals, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the donuts we ate for breakfast....

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Last week we were introduced to the Hickies lacing system. These elastic bands take the place of shoestrings and are designed so you never have to tie your laces again.

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Everyone can always use a reset, a reboot, or a detox. This is a yoga routine you can do anytime, anywhere, to literally wring out the toxins from your body, mind, and spirit.

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Not only are strong shoulders so important for the many activities we do in our daily lives, but who wouldn’t want to have svelte arms and sexy shoulders shine when sporting a sexy...

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When you're brand new to a group fitness routine, everything feels difficult. You're not sure what to wear, what basic moves you're expected to know, or even how to get around the gym!...

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“It was a calm night.

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Trying to muster up the strength to finish one more set of core work? Tell yourself that everybody else is doing it.

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Each year the IDEA World Fitness Convention serves as a mecca for all things health- and exercise-oriented.

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The mantra “no pain, no gain” has long been present in the world of fitness.

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Arm balances are not reserved for advanced yoga practitioners. Crow pose was one of the first poses I actually got, simply because it never occurred to me that I couldn't do it.

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Your alarm goes off and you muster your self-discipline to skip the snooze and roll out of bed.

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What's not to love about the jump rope?

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Have you ever wanted to practice yoga on your own but needed a little motivation? Create your own yoga playlist!

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We already know that men generally make riskier decisions than women (driving faster, gambling—you know what we mean), and it turns out running is no different.

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We're big fans of any trendy new fitness routine that's backed by science, but the "latest and greatest" rules about how to burn the most calories or tone up fastest can be confusing—not...

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It’s August, and the heat is rising. Now is the perfect time for donning any sleeveless number you have left in your closet.

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It used to be, if you wanted to run a race, you signed up for a regular old 5K or half marathon.

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While proper running form is no doubt crucial, it turns out you don't need to be so concerned when it comes to your arms.

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If you’ve been on a quest to build strong, svelte arms and are curious which exercise will best target your biceps, the American...

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It's not a headstand, it's not a forearm stand, so what the heck is it? Here at Shape, we are going with "funky forearm stand."

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Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga in New York City, has gone from teaching...

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It's important to feel just right to get the most out of your practicenot full or heavy, but not weak or hungry...

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Whether you're brand new to yoga or an experienced yogi, FitStar's just-announced yoga app set to launch this fall will keep boredom at...

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Summer is in full swing, and everyone wants to feel 100 percent confident and comfortable when playing around on the beach or poolside.

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Ever feel like you just had the fastest run of your life, but when you looked down at your sports watch it just laughed at you and said, “Nope, not even close”?

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Considering new research shows one in five women don't work out...

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Indoor biking hasn't been the same for a few years ever since boutique fitness brands like SoulCycle and Flywheel transformed pedaling in place into a high-energy, calorie-blasting,...

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There’s no need for modesty here; I’m going to talk about boobs. It’s not news that boobs bounce around—especially when you’re exercising.

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One of the questions I get asked most often is, "How do you clean your yoga mat?" It's simple for me: I would never put anything on my yoga mat that I wouldn't want on my face.

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There was a lot of groaning happening at a recent Summer Tune Up class led by celebrity trainer Kit...

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Sometimes it's great to focus on a specific body part and really dig deep, but other times it's nice to hit every part of your body so you feel strong and open all over.

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These days, it seems like it's not enough to just have a gym membership. Every week, there's a new studio fitness trend in town, often in boutique-style indoor cycling form.

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If you've watched any of the World Cup being held in Brazil's Amazon, you know that heat and humidity are playing a huge part in this year's games.

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This time of year when you were 11, you were most likely in the arts and crafts tent at summer camp, or shimmying down a water slide.

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I love me some SoulCycle, and ever since Citi Bike came to New York...

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For some people, running on a treadmill for an hour sounds like a perfect way to break a sweat. For others the idea of basically trotting in place sounds like torture.

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If you've ever had to bounce back from an injury, you know just how hard it is to stay on track once your insurance-covered PT sessions end.

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Even if you have a gym membership, now is the perfect time to take your workout outdoors.

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You know the display of calories burned on a treadmill or elliptical tends to be false, so you bought a fitness tracker years ago to monitor your workout efforts.

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For Equinox members, keeping track of your fitness progress and goals just got a whole lot easier.

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A protein shake may be a nutritious way to end a long run, but a hearty eggs Benedict and a bloody mary sound like a lot more fun, right?

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As a yoga instructor, people ask me what my favorite yoga class is all the time. For the last few years, there has been plenty that I have enjoyed,...

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It seems like almost every time I log on to Facebook, someone is posting photos of them holding a beer and smiling a sweaty, mud-caked grin at the finish line of a mud run, obstacle...

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Putting your body through the ringer during a workout means you'll need an equally tough foam roller to help you work out the post-exercise kinks.

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High-intensity intervals are great for boosting metabolism and burning more calories, but if you want to get the caloric...

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Running is awesome. However, the tightness you feel after your muscles cool down is not.

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When you're packing workout clothes for a trip, what goes through your head? For me, it's: "Yoga mat and/or sneakers (if yes, then socks)? Check. Sports bras or tops? Check.

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If you’re a big marathon runner, 29 may be the age you post your best time ever, a new Spanish study says.

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If you only have enough energy to plop yourself on the couch by the time evening rolls around, morning workouts may be your only option.

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Ever hear your yoga teacher tell you to "engage your bandhas"—and wonder what on earth that instructor was talking about?

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Dreading the arrival of short-shorts season? Worried about showing your bum on the beach?

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The opportunity to inspire and educate people to live happier and healthier, and the ability to make money doing something you love while making a difference are two common reasons...

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Pilates can be a highly effective way to tighten and tone your whole body, especially those hard-to-target core muscles—and just in time for beach season!

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The first time I was in a yoga class and the teacher had us dedicate our practice to someone else who needed it more than we did, it was life-changing for me—it was truly one of the most...

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Running may be about putting one foot in front of the other, but how you do it can make your workout seem that much easier.

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Who doesn't want a massage?

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If you stopped doing crunches years ago thinking planks are the way to go, you may want to reconsider your routine.

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Exercise is essential when it comes to dropping pounds.

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For some reason, the excuse I hear most often for not trying yoga is, “I can’t touch my toes.” Guess what? I couldn’t touch my toes when I started yoga either!

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Make sure you work those glutes, ladies.

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Do you ever hear your yoga instructor give you a cue in class but have no idea what it means? Here is a little cheat sheet for the most transformative cues for your practice.

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"Uncover a six-pack in six days!" "Drop 10 pounds in one week!" The instant-weight loss promises of most workout programs, while appealing, usually have little basis in reality.

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Get your yoga ninja on! This super quick and fierce yoga routine incorporates martial arts-inspired moves to get you moving, breathing, and feeling great.  

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Celebrity and professional athlete trainer Todd Durkin has seen his share of workout-related injuries.

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SoulCycle may get a bad rap sometimes, but the powers that be at the ubiquitous cycling behemoth are putting their collective fitness obsession to good use.

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Ever feel like you need a jumpstart to your day, and coffee isn't the answer?

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Let's be real: Everyone wants a flat midsection. Crunches get plain old boring after a while, and they don't even target most of your abs.

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Eight-angle pose, called "astavakrasana" in Sanskrit ("asta" means "eight", "vakra" means "bent", "asana" means "pose"), may sound complicated, but it is deceptively easy. ...

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There's a reason why so many people love kettlebell training—after all, who doesn't want a total-body resistance and cardio workout that only takes half an hour?

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Have you ever felt like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and that was the best part of your day? Good news: Those days don't have to keep going in that direction!

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Spin class is so 2013. The fitness trend people can't get enough of this year? Rowing!

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In a recent poll, 81 percent of you said you occasionally or always “compete” with the person...

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Some people steer clear of yoga thinking they don't have time for it.

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How many times have you heard your yoga instructor say "move through your flow," "take a vinyasa," or "chaturanga, up dog, down dog?" You know what to do for the most part, but...

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Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like stretching, breathing, and moving your body with your man.

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February is the month of love, and this video is the perfect way to show yourself some love: a yoga routine to relieve the tightest spots in your body.

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If you've ever done a few sun salutations to warm up before a run, you'll love this shorter variation you can add to your routine.

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Whether you are in a climate like New York where we just had our second polar vortex or you practice in a cold room, these poses will get rid of the chills by building your internal heat...

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While there is still much to be known about the "cool-down" from a scientific perspective, one thing that is abundantly clear about this portion of the workout is that it's the most...

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Runners, the next big lightweight shoe is here: Touted by Nike as feeling "like you're running on clouds," the Flyknit Lunar2 ($160;...

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Yes, the treadmill is fun and so are those dumbbells, but it can be easy to get stuck in a workout rut.

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As anyone who's had a long, stressful day can attest to, it's hard to wind down at night sometimes.

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A more efficient, effective, and engaging workout starts with a dynamic warm-up that properly prepares your body for the activity to come.

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Full wheel is a true full-body pose that opens your chest, back, shoulders, and hips while strengthening your arms, hamstrings, glutes, and back.

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With New Year's Eve parties and winter vacations to warm destinations right around the corner, who doesn’t want a stronger, more sculpted back to show off in those low-back dresses and...

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If there was one phrase to summarize how most people approached their workouts in 2013, it would be “Train smarter, not longer.” This mantra can be seen in everything from Tabata-...

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Tony Horton, the trainer behind the at-home fitness phenomenon P90X, has already helped millions of people get fit and lose weight.

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Whether from dehydration, stress, tension, a hangover, or anything else, headaches can really put a dampener on anyone’s day. Luckily yoga can help.

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A common reaction I get when I tell people I'm a yoga instructor is, "Oh, that's like Pilates, right?" It's a little bizarre, but people who are unfamiliar with the two workouts often...

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A staple upper-body exercise, the barbell bench press can be performed with the hands either slightly wider than or slightly less than shoulder-width apart to work different muscles.

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I don’t know about you, but a vacation is not a vacation for me if it doesn't include some kind of physical activity.

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The compass arm balance has long been one of my favorite shapes to play around with. It requires strength, balance, and flexibility.

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When you’re training with a specific goal in mind, you need to properly structure and schedule your workout sessions if you want to set yourself up for fitness success.

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Celebs including Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz love it, and if you're a runner, you may love CrossFit too.

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I recently read a piece by William Broad in the New York...

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While it might sound and look more challenging than regular crow pose, side crow is often the more accessible of the two to those who are newer to yoga.

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Sporting strong, well-defined arms is a fitness aspiration of many, and to effectively target the triceps—the muscles in the back of the upper arms—many people find themselves torn...

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Who says Yoga and CrossFit can't go together?

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Just when I thought I couldn't move another muscle, trainer Todd Durkin tasked me with his 10-20-30 challenge.

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If you think only power or vinyasa yoga is good for weight loss and never try restorative yoga, a new study just might change your mind.

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With nearly 10 million CrossFitters worldwide—60 percent of whom are women—

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‪One of the questions I get asked almost on a daily basis is, "What do you do to get arms like that? Surely it can't be just yoga!"

It's 100 percent yoga.

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Let's talk about the voice in your head.

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Prehab may seem like something that’s only important for athletes who make a living off of their physical talents and abilities, but if you want to prevent injuries (and the subsequent...

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Bored of climbing up the hamster wheel of stairs and going nowhere, but want a nice, toned tush? Sometimes it's good to get out of the gym and onto the mat.

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Now that fall's here, the days are shorter, and between tighter schedules and darker mornings and nights, it's tempting to sleep in an extra 30 minutes before work or to cozy up on the...

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You're done with your run, but what you do afterward is just as important for your health.

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You don't need someone yelling at you and a lot of equipment to get a kick-butt workout. The beauty of yoga is that you can kick your own butt (literally if you want to!).

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If you’re in the market to strengthen and sculpt your lower body while also functionally preparing for the activities of everyday life—like walking and climbing up stairs—the lunge...

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Anyone who's run a half or full marathon knows there's one unpleasant subject that tends to come up time and time again: digestive issues.

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Finding used bikes online is like coming across photos of Miley Cyrus' tongue. You don't have to look very hard—there are too many too count.

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Post a selfie during a workout, and you’ll usually get supporting “atta-girl!” type responses.

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Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri has everyone talking—and if you’re like us, you were gushing over her talent competition performance.

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Been wanting to try handstand pose, but don't know where to begin?

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With the notion of boosting fitness in just four short minutes, it’s no surprise that...

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A few weeks back, I wrote about the growing popularity of the yoga selfie and how to make...

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If you’re looking for creative ways to train smarter, not longer, look no further than some of the workout of the day (WOD) formats commonly used in CrossFit.

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Lifting weights day after day and not seeing the results you hoped for?

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With an ever-increasing number of mud run races across the country, it’s clear that this fun way of being active is resonating with people of all different fitness levels.

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For quite some time now, yoga "selfies" have caused a stir in the yoga community, and with the recent...

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From athlete Michelle Jenneke to Miley Cyrus, everyone's getting in on the twerking trend, Airwalk surfer Anastasia Ashley included.

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When we first spoke with endurance athlete Zoë Romano in May for...

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Recently while I was working out at the gym, I suddenly overheard shouts of “I am worth it!” and “I am proud!” emanating from a nearby classroom.

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I first took up yoga after college. At the time, I didn't live within walking distance of the gym that I belonged to, but there was a yoga studio nearby.

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Instead of buying a medicine ball, dumbbell, and kettlebell, save money and buy the one piece of equipment that combines all three: a...

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Raise your hand if you've ever gone to a spin class and been totally confused as you watched everyone around you hop on their bikes, clip their feet (clad in the perfect proper spin...

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Working at a desk all day can be hard on the body and mind, but allowing yourself a chance to stretch gives your body the TLC it deserves.

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It’s the body that makes clothes look good, not the other way around. And the reason everyone wants yoga pants is because yoga butts make them look fab.

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Nothing beats breaking a sweat in the beauty of nature, and with...

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If you suffer from "desk hunch" after sitting at a computer all day, this routine is for you.

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The temperatures are rising, the ocean is heating up as a result of the warm summer sun, and scantily clad surfers showing off their sculpted physiques as they head out to shred some...

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For years, you've been told pronation—when your foot flattens and rolls inward as it lands on the ground—is the enemy.

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Instead of using multiple apps to log your morning run, share your progress with select friends, track your breakfast calories, and find a 10K training plan (and that's all before you...

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In the Tour de France's 100-year history, no pro woman rider has ever been allowed to officially participate in the world's most famous super-elite men's cycling event, which started...

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Sun salutations link your breath to your movement to help you achieve a meditative state and are a great way to start your morning, loosen up your muscles, and get moving.

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Today Adidas introduced a running shoe, Springblade, and it's perfect for everyone. Don’t like to run? No problem, these will make it easier.

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From mountain climbers to jump squats, there are a number of effective exercises that put your physical fitness—and mental toughness—to the test.

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The debate about the safety of hot yoga may now finally be settled, thanks to a new study sponsored by the...

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Yoga provides many benefits: It's a great total-body workout; it can help you develop a leaner, stronger body; and it improves your balance and stability, which is important for staying...

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Tank top season is here!

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The desire to maximize your fitness while minimizing your sweat time became very apparent with the buzz that formed around “...

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After going from rags to riches, Cinderella herself might not want to get dirty again, but this fall a new mud run encourages princesses to hit the dirt.

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Pigeon is amazing for runners, cyclists, or anyone with tight hips, and king pigeon takes it to an entirely new level.

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More good news for those of us short on workout time: A new study shows that Tabata definitely lives up to its reputation as a...

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I've always been a fan of Fitbit.

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Who doesn't have a cranky neck, back, or set of shoulders?

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It’s clear that eating right goes hand in hand with exercising, but in our world full of information—and misinformation—it can sometimes prove challenging to separate what’s true and...

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There is no denying that one of the many benefits of yoga is a strong core, which in turn protects your spine; improves your posture, balance, and stability; reduces back pain; and gives...

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With the weather warming up, who doesn’t want to sport a sculpted physique and look and feel great in a swimsuit?

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Even if you often perform total-body workouts, chances are you’re overlooking a muscle that’s super important for preventing injuries and pain in women: your hip cuff.

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When people think of yoga arm balances, crow pose is typically the first thing that comes to mind, and this pose is great for confidence building, as well as developing arm and core...

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Confidence feels great on everyone: It makes you feel good, and it makes those around you feel comfortable.

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If you're a fan of Zumba Fitness, now you can shake your stuff and do something good!

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Finally it’s starting to feel like spring. The warmer temps and longer daylight hours make this the perfect time of year to take your runs outdoors.

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With conflicting information and research constantly emerging, it can be tough to know what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to strength training.

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This routine is full of twists to wring out toxins, invigorating backbends to fire up your metabolism, and...

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Everyone has bad training days now and then for whatever reason—you're feeling tired, sore, hungry, distracted, anxious, insecure, sick—you get the point.

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In the world of marathon running, there is one race that trumps them all: the Boston Marathon.

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Warmer weather is officially here, and soon enough, shorts season will be too. Time to get those limbs toned and taut!

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Lace up your sneaks, ladies: Thirteen-point-one miles is the fastest-growing road race distance in both overall popularity and female participation, according to new stats released by ...

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Spring is upon us, and with this change in season comes the opportunity to clean house—both figuratively and literally—as you liberate yourself from the things that no longer serve you...

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I used to laugh at friends who bought the army-grade cases for their phones. "Dude, you're not in the army. What do you need that for?" I would think. Plus I felt they were hideous.

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It’s no secret that kettlebells provide a seriously effective total-body workout in less time, but these cannonball-shaped iron orbs with handles do much more than just build strength....

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Although I've had the chance to try out lots of new fitness classes, when I was invited to take a stiletto fitness class with ...

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If you've ever wanted to train for a triathlon but didn't know where to start, you're in luck!

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Spring may be just around the corner, but this time of year still tends to be the toughest for many in terms of keeping their spirits up.

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You know you need to eat right before and after your workout to maximize your results, but all the info out on there on carbs and protein can be confusing, so we talked to top...

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We all know that the question isn't have you ever imagined quitting your job and moving to an exotic island, but rather, how often does this idea cross your a day?

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There's a good reason high-intensity, bootcamp-style workouts have been all the rage for a while now.

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Yoga is a very individual practice, with people practicing for the benefits of building strength and flexibility, de-stressing, mental clarity, or the amazing feeling afterward, or all...

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Yoga is for everyone, athletes included. Yoga works on strength, flexibility, balance, agility, endurance, core, and overall strength, among other things.

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If you're not incorporating kettlebells or weights into your workout routine, you're missing out!

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Shakira, Kelly Ripa, and Sarah Jessica Parker have bangin' bodies, so when I was able to take a class from the personal trainer they...

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Shorts season will be here before you know it! Be ready to show off your sculpted stems with these six toning moves.

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There are certain yoga practices that you don't ever want to take back-to-back.

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Chalk one more up to the persuasive powers of CrossFit! The ubiquitous trend has snagged another convert—none other than celebrity trainer Bob Harper.

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Two years ago Merrell—the brand that you may associate with hiking, trailblazing, and outdoor, hard-core, get-your-traction-on walking shoes—ventured into the minimalist running market...

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If you are looking to slim down your midsection, this yoga routine will do the trick!

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Pumping the right music into your ears doesn't just pump up your workout—it may take you to the next level too.

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Break out your sneakers…then your stilettos!

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From Jazzercise™ to Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies, dance-based fitness has been around for decades, and the party-like atmosphere it’s known to provide continues to be...

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Missing my warm-weather road riding (especially my fit cycling body, which has been hibernating since...

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Dance, yoga, and free weights.

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Zumba Fitness fans, get ready to work up a sweat!

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Sometimes people can get stuck in an “all-or-nothing” way of thinking.

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Some people have naturally open hips and, therefore, hip openers in yoga feel like heaven.

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Detoxes, cleanses, you name it: People love to start each new year with a clean slate. If you are looking to kick off 2013 on a healthy, fresh, positive note, try yoga.

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Split leg arm balance is also referred to as “Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2,” hence my preferred shorter English name.

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The holidays are a time that is supposed to be full of joy, family, giving, reflection, and positivity.

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Love holiday parties and getting all dressed up and glittery? Then it’s time to take the guns out! And by “guns,” of course I mean your arms!

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Why take the time to do at least six different exercises when you can hit your glutes, hamstrings, core, shoulders, quads, and more and knock off some heart-pumping cardio at...

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When you think about it, in forearm stand, you have all of your forearms and your hands to balance your weight on—that’s so much more surface area than just your hands in all of...

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In these cold fall and winter months, the natural inclination is to burrow, snuggle up inside, get warm, and stay cozy. That’s great and all…if you don’t need to get anything done.

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Now is the perfect time to master twisted triangle pose.

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That’s right, yoga isn’t just a bunch of stretching—it can torch major calories!

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Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, as I write this, I am sitting alone in my apartment, during a power outage, on my laptop, which I thankfully had the foresight to charge fully before the storm...

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Be prepared to get bendy! Chin balance requires a majorly open back, which means open hips and open shoulders too.

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Even the most diligent exercisers typically fall into one category, Team Cardio or Team Strength—and for me, it’s the latter.

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If you do a Google search for “yoga butt,” a number of things come up.

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If working out for 45 to 60 minutes a day takes too much time, cut back your gym session to less than three minutes—but be ready to sweat—a ton!

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Anybody who's met me before knows I love Zumba Fitness classes. Like, I love them.

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If you’re like us here at SHAPE, you’re super excited about the October 16 launch of Zumba’s latest video game, Zumba Fitness Core for Nintendo Wii and Kinect for Xbox 360 ($40;...

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This weekend, New Yorkers everywhere are bonding together over perspiration.

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If you are looking for a way to sculpt and shape your booty without surgery, we have the workout for you!

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What's it like to work out with fitness guru Jillian Michaels? In a word: Hard!

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Everyone can use a little help falling asleep at night. Most people have a bedtime ritual, such as drinking a calming tea, lighting a candle, or maybe writing in a journal or meditating...

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A barbell may seem like something reserved for grunting meatheads, but it’s a great training tool for women and an efficient way to create the lean, sculpted body you want.

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King Dancer is a doozy, but you can do it! This pose requires balance, flexibility, and strength all at once; most importantly, it requires patience, time, and breath.

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Are you into insanely intense workouts where you push yourself harder than you thought possible? Then you’ll love CrossFit.

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The holidays are upon us, and sometimes that translates to added stress when you have too much to do and too little time.  Whatever the reason for the stress fest, as this happens, sleep...

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Get a ballerina’s body without setting foot near a barre? Sign us up!

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When you're on the road to health, it can be easy to let obstacles get you down and feel as though nothing you do ever makes a difference.

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Fall brings football Sundays—and wipes out all the couple time you had during the summer.

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Sweating can be sexy! Get your mind out of the gutter...we're talking about your clothes.

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Yoga no longer has to be an all-or-nothing practice if you can't make it to your favorite class at the prescribed hour.

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Is there such a thing as a happy Monday? Maybe not, but my Monday was made a little better this week. How's that, you ask?

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There are a slew of new bike gadgets recently released that, when combined, can turn your basic two-wheel into a self-navigated, powered-up ride that also keeps you looking chic!

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Do you ever wonder how some people can just walk into a room and make everyone else notice?

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Are you ready for some football?

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Eight-angle pose is a lot less scary to begin tinkering around with than some of the other arm balances, as you start from a seated position rather than coming down into it.

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By nature, I am not a comparer. Everything has its plusses and minuses in my book (except, of course, yoga which is all plusses!).

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I can’t be the only one. Tell me you picture yourself on stage with the cast of So You Think You Can Dance every time you watch the show.

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The studio is dimly lit, killer legs abound, and everyone’s pedaling in unison to the high-energy (and high-decibel) music.

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Last week I met with SHAPE’s fitness editor-at-large, Jay Cardiello, for an afternoon training session, and having edited his fitness blogs week after week, I knew I was in for a tough...

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If you’re like me and headed for your last weekend away for the summer, you’re concerned with getting the most out of every minute and don’t want to give up hours of sunshine by hitting...

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Slim down in a splash with this printable, pinnable page! To make the last leg of summer as easy as possible, pin this workout to your fitness Pinterest page as a reminder to get moving...

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Shoulder press may look intimidating, but don't be fooled. It's a super fun arm balance for anyone to play around with.

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Treadmill, stair climber, rowing machine, even yoga and Pilates—they all steer your body to move along an axis.

1324 shared this

I think watching the Olympics is actually causing me to workout less than I typically do!

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Even after watching British athlete Jessica Ennis win the 2012 Olympic heptahlon this weekend, I’m still not sure what exactly makes up the seven-part competition and how it all works....

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If you really want to challenge yourself in a short amount of time, try this video from Jillian Michaels.

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We've all heard that maintaining a strong core is super important, but do you really know why?

1271 shared this

Being a girly girl (think ballerina, not boxer) I’ve never had much of an interest in kick boxing but after an intense fitness retreat...

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Last week I had the opportunity to spend an entire weekend working out along side four time World Ironman Champion, and current world record holder, ...

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By now you're probably aware of the many benefits of foam rolling: increased flexibility, improved blood circulation through fascia and muscles, the breaking down of scar tissue—just to...

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When it’s too hot and muggy to run outside I like to take my cardio indoors. My favorite thing to do is to work short intense cardio bursts into my strength training routine.

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When you can’t drag yourself to the gym, pull out this intense cardio-sculpting plan to torch serious calories at home.

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You’ve seen 50 Cent right? Huge guy, we’re talking ripped, must work out for hours every day.

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You know the flurry of excitement that foodies feel when a new restaurant opens? I get just as giddy when a gym debuts in New York City—so I couldn’t wait to check out Exceed Fitness.

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I’m headed to the beach for the Fourth of July and while it’s a day off from work I don’t want it to be a day off from working out.

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An ice pack will numb your pain after the first set, but it could lead to unforced errors when the match resumes.
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Simon says, “Hop on one leg!”—and science seems to agree.

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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay fit and active this summer.

1562 shared this

With so many fitness and nutrition programs out there it can be hard to know what works, what’s useless (or worse harmful), and what is best for your body.

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If you feel a twinge up top after upright rows or lateral raises, don’t assume it’s normal post-workout soreness. More than one-third of weight room injuries are shoulder-related...

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I’ve been intrigued by stand-up paddleboarding since the first time I saw it in action while on vacation in California a few years back.

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If you’ve been blowing your top at your employees lately, go for a quick run.

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The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has finally answered the question women have been asking for decades: how can I get rid of...

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You’ve probably been hitting the gym extra hard and monitoring your diet a little more closely leading up to Memorial Day weekend and the reveal of your...

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Kettlebell kickboxing is a butt-kicking workout that combines strength training, plyometrics, and martial arts.

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I have a resistance band in my apartment and, spending my days editing all sorts of fitness articles, you’d think I’d be a pro at exercising at home.
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We all know interval workouts are better at torching calories and burning fat than steady state cardio (want to know why?

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We all covet Jennifer Aniston’s flat abs, that’s why when we came across this video FitSugar created with her trainer Mandy Ingber we knew we had to share it with you!...

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A little friendly competition is good.

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Have you ever worked out with weighted balls? I never gave them much thought until I stumbled upon the workout video below.

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People often associate vacations with lounging.

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48 days ago I blogged about my first workout session with celebrity trainer and creator of the 28 Day Challenge Robert Brace.

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Next week, from May 14th to May 18th, is National Bike to Work Week and Performance Bicycle is helping you get ready to celebrate.

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We all know the lunge is an amazing leg and butt-toning move that can be done anywhere but if you’re ready to take it up a notch, and get a core workout at the same time, this move is...

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Looking for something active to do with your mom this Mother's Day weekend?

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While it’s cold and rainy here in NYC today, I’m looking ahead and see 79 degrees in the forecast for Friday. And you know what that means?

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When I was invited to try a Les Mills Bodypump class, I expected to pump iron… and I wasn’t too far off.

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If you find yourself pressed for time and facing the age-old question of cardio or strength training this workout plan is for you.

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Happy Earth Day runners! 

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I’m all for multitasking, so if I can do something good for others while squeezing in a workout, I’m game. That’s why I’m really feeling Barrett Keene right now.

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When I received an offer to do a Pilates session at the True Pilates New York (TPNY), a studio founded by Joseph Pilates...

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Didn’t make it to the Boston Marathon this year? Doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the legendary race entirely!

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Every morning at 10, I eat a handful of raw almonds mixed with vanilla yogurt.

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To work out or not to work out, that is the daily dilemma….And if you’re gym membership-free, like me, the weather has always been the perfect excuse to skip your daily sweat session.

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Last night I hit the Apple store in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood (presumably one of the most high-tech, trendy places on the planet), not to learn about the latest fitness app or snag a new...

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My biggest excuse for not squeezing in a daily workout: No time! Sometimes work, socializing, and just plain laziness get in the way of how often I break a sweat.

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What do you get when you mix nonstop Madonna music together with videos and spin class?

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You know those two lines; they run vertically along the outside edge of well-defined abs? I know you know what I’m talking about, and if you’re like me, you want them.

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As an athlete, it's part of Brandi Chastain's job requirement to stay fit. And does she everthe World Cup champion is in phenomenal shape.

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I’m a big fan of active vacations: When I’m in a new spot, I want to get out there and see it!

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Remember when conference calls and video chats seemed like an amazing futuristic innovation? And then they became so everyday we found ourselves tied to the computer around the clock?

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I’m a fan of LSD, that’s long slow distance, not the drug. I’d rather plod my way through eight miles than push it for two but it may be time to reconsider.

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It’s starting to feel like spring here in New York City and if you’re like me, warm weather, slightly longer days, and knowing swimsuit season is a few months away makes you want to head...

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I've run a marathon, so when I was invited to participant in New York Road Runners' Empire State Building Run-Up (a race to the top of the country's second-tallest building), I figured...

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Anybody who knows me knows that I love Zumba Fitness®. Like, I'm obsesssed with Zumba classes. I love Zumba for two reasons: I love to dance, and I hate to feel like I'm working out. 

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My love for dancing through a workout started back in elementary school gym class when we’d get down to “The Twist,” something my friends and I still reminisce about.

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It only takes 80 minutes a week to reach your fitness goals, according to SHAPE’s Fitness Editor-at-Large Jay Cardiello.

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Outdoor-loving Manhattanites, prepare to fall in love... with the new REI outpost in SoHo.

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Yes, working out is hard work.

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When my running buddy Steph injured her foot, she started taking a 45-minute deep-water running class.

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We're always on the lookout for new online fitness destinations. Our latest obsession: Q by Equinox.

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Smart phones connect, educate, and entertain us. And thanks to fitness apps, they help us get in shape too. Here are five of our favorites:

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“Her butt was photoshopped, right?” Nope. “You guys trimmed a little off her abs.” Not an inch.

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Looking for a unique gift idea for an active friend or family member? Check out the classes at REI.

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Thanksgiving is here.

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I first heard of Strollerstrides—outdoor group-fitness classes for moms and babies—before I became a mom and I have to admit, I figured it...

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You're jogging along when suddenly a sharp pain shoots through your lower leg, stopping you in your tracks. Sound familiar? If you run, you've probably had shin splints.

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When I met Jillian Michaels earlier this year on our May cover shoot, it was love at first sight—I couldn't get enough of the K-Swiss outfit she was wearing!

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After 40, we lose about 8 percent of our muscle mass per decade (and the decline starts even before then).

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While watching the New York City Halloween Parade on TV last year, I spied 20 or so adults performing the now-iconic dance routine from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.

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Can’t get enough of your pet? Now you can carry him (well, his likeness at least) everywhere while supporting a great cause.

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Meet the Adidas Adipure Trainer ($90;, the company's first barefoot-style shoe designed specifically for training...

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Yesterday, 47,438 people raced in the ING NYC Marathon.

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The ING New York City Marathon is tomorrow, which has me thinking about about friends who are running it (good luck Marissa and Sheila!) and... pasta.

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Maybe it's the traffic...or my desk chair...or my adorable munchkin. Whatever the cause, my back has been killing me lately!

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As a kid, I never really got the hang of hula hooping, while my best friend, Lisa, was a natural.

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It’s (almost) that time of year, so I’m starting to make my holiday shopping list. And the CamelBak Groove bottles are definitely on it.

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Our west-coast office is relocating next week, and I'm in pack-and-purge mode.

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On November 6, my boyfriend is tackling the ING New York City Marathon, and I couldn’t be more excited for him.

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I'm obsessed with getting my hands on these new kicks from K-Swiss.

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Thinking about hiring a running coach?

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My son is eight months old, and even though I got back to my pre-baby weight pretty quickly there's one part of my body that just isn't the same: my abs.

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Who do you follow on Twitter? I'm just getting started... and slowly adding some of my favorite trainers. This week's pick: Valerie Waters.

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If you like Pilates sessions on the Reformer, then you’ll love SPX Fitness classes on a Megaformer.

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Last week, the SHAPE staff (myself included) went for a spin together at SoulCycle, the hottest spot for indoor cycling in NYC.

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I'm new to Twitter, and I'm having fun following many of the talented trainers I've worked with—and a few new ones I'd love to work with in the future.

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After a workout, I usually reach for a bottle of room-temperature water and a handful of raw almonds. But yesterday I tried one of the new Odwalla Mango Protein shakes and loved it.

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Need some motivation to get your end-of-the-week run in? Think of Colleen Caul. The St.

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Being a mom has not only taken a toll on my tummy (more on that in a future post!), it’s killing my back! I’ve been stretching every night, but it’s time to add some resistance training...

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A couple years ago I posted the recipe for my slow-cooker oatmeal. It was a breakfast I was totally hooked on for a few months, and then sort of forgot about.

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The newest gym machine doesn’t have a single high-tech feature (heck, it doesn’t even require electricity), but it could revolutionize your workout.

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For a lot of people, taking a vacation means taking a break from working out, too. But as a runner, I can’t wait to tie on my sneaks in a new city.

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I covet sneakers the way other women yearn for stilettos. My habit currently runs 18 pairs deep, and I swear I wear them all.

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The worst fight I’ve ever been in was a hair-pulling match with my little sister circa 1999, but that’s no reason I shouldn’t know how to throw a mean right hook!

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To the woman I saw running down Tujunga Avenue in Studio City at 8:30 this morning in the bright pink tank and black shorts: Please please please invest in a new sports bra!

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I love group-cycling classes, but I have a few tiny complaints about them.

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Need a nudge to go on your post-work run or hit the gym? I'm with you!

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Today's blogger: Danielle McNally, associate fitness editor

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Sayonara, sticky, clingy workout wear!

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Today’s blogger Danielle McNally, associate fitness editor

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Today's blogger: Janet Lee, deputy editor

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I know I’m supposed to drink lots of water (and now that I’m a nursing mom it’s even more important!) but I can never seem to get enough.

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Today's blogger: Janet Lee, deputy editor

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Confession: I haven’t been to the gym in months. But I have a very good reason…I’m a new mom! During my maternity leave, I could never seem to carve out time for the gym.

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Yoga classes usually fall into two schools — sweaty and athletic (think lots of flowing sun salutations) or precise, hold-it-and-don’...

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Some of my favorite workouts are those that require no equipment, just body weight—you can do them anywhere and the exercises always get my muscles burning (in a good way).

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I’m a runner. Kara Goucher, a top U.S. Olympic marathoner, says I can call myself that even if I don’t do it everyday.

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Today’s blogger: Janet Lee, SHAPE deputy editor

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Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, SHAPE senior associate fitness editor

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With winter weather in full force, we've been feeling a little unmotivated to get off of our couches and hit the gym.

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Happy new year!

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There are a few ways to go when it comes to trimming your intake at Thanksgiving.

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Today's blogger: Darla Murray, Shape's fitness intern


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Normally, we advocate riding bikes or walking, but sometimes, you just have to drive to get where you're going.

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Today's blogger: SHAPE senior associate editor Marissa Stephenson

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Walk for the cure, run for the cure, how about dance for...

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Today’s blogger: SHAPE senior associate editor Marissa Stephenson

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If you live in the tri state area, head to New York City’s Union Square on Sunday for Shape’s 5th annual Pilates in the Park event.

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Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, SHAPE’s senior associate fitness editor

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Today's blogger: Marissa Stephenson, SHAPE senior associate fitness editor

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September is National Yoga Month.

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September is National Yoga Month.

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September is National Yoga Month.

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Brooklyn, Bronx, and East Harlem residents: What are you doing this Saturday morning?

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Are you a crunch fanatic with no six-pack to prove it?

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Today’s blogger: Rachel Zavala, SHAPE’s fitness intern

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It's been a while (okay, a decade) since I've actually looked forward to wearing a...

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Today’s blogger: Rachel Zavala, SHAPE’s fitness intern


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How would your bike ride stack up to the pros in the Tour de France? Now, you can find out.

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Call it the cubicle slave rebellion.

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Do you read on the...

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Today's blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape senior associate editor

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Today's blogger: Rachel Zavala, Shape's fitness intern

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Today's blogger: Rachel Zavala, Shape fitness intern

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Today's blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape's senior associate fitness editor

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Today's blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape's senior associate fitness editor

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Today’s blogger: Alla Byrne, Shape’s Web Editor

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Today's blogger: ...

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Trying new workouts is one of the biggest perks of being a Shape fitness editor. And now, once a week, we’ll be sharing those sessions with you!

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I can count on one hand—okay, two fingers—the number of hockey games I've attended, so I wasn't sure what to expect of the Canada-Germany bout I went to on Tuesday night.

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Today I got to see a place few people (other than Olympians) get to see: the Oakley athlete safehouse.

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Lately I’ve been using resistance...

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Last week I attended the Nike Women’s Training Summit in Vancouver and got a sneak peak at the workout clothes and...

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Three weeks ago, I was in Boulder, Colorado, and I tried something I’d only attempted once before: mountain biking.

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Today, my legs are aching...big time. Getting out of bed was painful, I'm walking like Frankenstein, and climbing the measly 10 steps to my office building made me wince.

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I recently visited Cal-a-Vie Health Spa in Vista, California.

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Have you seen our August

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I was on vacation last week, and I didn't spend it sipping margaritas on an exotic island or touring the French countryside.

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At Shape, we believe you shouldn't have to go to a gym to work out. That's why every Target Training exercise we feature includes a home version, too.

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Today’s blogger: Janet Lee, Shape’s deputy editor

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Were you one of the 1,500 women who stopped by the Bikini Body Tour in Santa Monica on Saturday? I spent a few hours there and it was so much fun!

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Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape assistant fitness editor

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The Shape Bikini Body Tour is hitting Santa Monica Beach on Saturday, May 16, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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Thanks to Christy—who left a comment on last week’s blog—I tried The Biggest Loser Bootcamp DVD yesterday.

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I’ve been reviewing fitness DVDs for Shape for years—and I have a huge pile of them in my living room to prove it—but I rarely do them more than once.

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I spent last weekend in Zion National Park with my husband, Dave. It’s a breathtaking place: Imagine huge red-rock mountains all around you—or better yet, check out my photos, below.
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Today's blogger: Kristen Maxwell, Shape's assistant managing editor

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Today's blogger: Janet Lee, deputy editor

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Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape’s assistant fitness editor

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sister, Chris, visited me last weekend…and left her husband and three kids at

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Today's blogger: Janet Lee, Shape's deputy editor

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Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape’s assistant fitness editor

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I always have a few reusable ice packs in my freezer to help numb workout-related aches and dull my migraines (I actually sleep with one in my pillowcase when my head is really throbbing...

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Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape’s assistant fitness editor

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I was on my high-school gymnastics, track, and cheerleading teams, but I never felt more athletic as a teen than when I was working out in my parents’ living room.

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Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape’s assistant fitness editor

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Today's blogger: Janet Lee, Shape's deputy editor

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Have you tried massaging your muscles with a foam roller? I’m totally hooked.

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Today's blogger: Janet Lee, Shape's deputy editor

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Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape’s assistant fitness editor

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Today's blogger: Janet Lee, Shape's deputy editor

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The temps are dropping (yes, even in L.A.) and I’m in need of a snow day.

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Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape’s assistant fitness editor

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I don’t want to hear about how many calories there are in a typical Thanksgiving dinner. Ditto for how long I have to run to work off a scoop of mashed potatoes.

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Going to a new gym always fills me with that new-school-year
excitement, and my first day at the Equinox in West Hollywood was no

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It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I have a pretty good
excuse: I moved! My husband and I have been living on opposite coasts

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I'm on a tight budget, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over really cool, pricey fitness gear. My newest obsession: Physhion gym bags (from $225;

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I'm on a tight budget, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over really cool, pricey fitness gear. My newest obsession: Physion gym bags (from $225;

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wedding shape-up program didn't go exactly as I planned. One week I was
so busy that 20-minute workouts became my norm, some days I felt too

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My wedding is just two days away and instead of excitedly counting
down the hours, I'm thinking about how many more sets of lateral raises

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Thanks to some very kind public-relations folks, I'm never at a loss for workout
pants. But a pair I love? Well, that's been a little bit harder to come

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Exercising every day isn't just about getting back my girl guns
(although I'm psyched to say they've finally returned.) If I don't work

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I've pushed laundry day as far as I can. I'm down to Christmas-themed underwear and gaucho workout pants.

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I did it! This morning I got to the gym at 8. Was I
tired? Oh yeah. Did I growl at a trainer who said 'good morning!' too
cheerfully? You bet. But I did it.

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Today I dragged my poor body out of bed at the ungodly hour of 6
a.m, but it wasn't to hit the gym. The CW-11 morning news here in New

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You know that girl who spends a faithful three hours a day checking items off her wedding to-do list? I'm so not that girl.

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As part of my 'squeeze in a workout whenever' philosophy, I hit the gym at

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When I can carve out an hour for a workout, I hit the weights for a
20-minute strength session and then blast calories on a cardio machine

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It happened again last night: While talking to a friend of a friend
at dinner, I mentioned what I do for a living, and she said, 'Wow, you

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