When you're on the road to health, it can be easy to let obstacles get you down and feel as though nothing you do ever makes a difference. I guess I've been experiencing a little of that myself lately, so when I saw this pin that said, "I can't tell if it's killing me or making me stronger," I thought it'd be perfect for today's Motivation Monday!

I don't think diet and exercise are literally killing me, but I don't think I'm alone (at least I hope not) when I say that sometimes I wonder what the point is. It's nice to see results fast, and it's disheartening when you feel your progress has stalled. When that happens, I try to remember that being healthy is the end goal, even if I'm frustrated with the pace at which I'm moving. But, because I needed a reminder this morning, I rounded up some of my favorite tweets from our readers for today's success Monday to inspire me to keep plugging along:

Inacamba: @Shape_Magazine I was unable to run 1 mile this time last year. This weekend I ran 11 miles at a 9 minute pace & ran 5K at 24:45. #success

Kewwwey: @Shape_Magazine As of this morning I have lost 30.4 lbs in about 4 months! Now on to my next goal!! #success

Muscleupmom: @Shape_Magazine #Success is making it to 37 weeks pregnant without missing one workout! 5 or 6x per week of exercising my entire pregnancy!

Joiedv: @Shape_Magazine training for a 15K & ran 7 miles in 68:22 on Sat—1st time to ever run that far! Cant wait to go even further :) #Success

What's your healthy inspiration? How do you remind yourself that what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger? Tweet your healthy accomplishment @shape_magazine with the hashtag #success all day today for a chance at a retweet!



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