Ask Rosario Dawson Anything in Our Live Twitterview

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Photo: Rosario Dawson Twitterview

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Ask Rosario Dawson Anything in Our Live Twitterview

Tune in Thursday, August 18th at 2:30pm EST for a live twitterview with Zookeeper star Rosario Dawson. We had so much fun with our August covergirl we wanted to share the experience with you.  We’ll be talking about what she does to stay so fit, favorite foods, beauty secrets and more. Plus, if you’ve seen Rosario Dawson planking all over the place (Missed it? See her plank on Jimmy Kimmel here) and are curious about what the heck she’s doing, tune in, we’ll be asking her just what it’s all about!

You don’t have to have a twitter account to join the fun. Just go to and enter #RosarioDawson to follow the conversation between @Shape_Magazine and @RosarioDawson. If you do have a twitter account follow along and submit your questions to @Shape_Magazine with the hashtag #RosarioDawson. We’ll be asking her your questions during the twitterview. If you ever wanted to ask Rosario something here’s your chance! In the mean time, get your fill of the fit actress here and check out our exclusive interview and video from the August cover shoot.

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