From friends to frenemies, it happens oh-so often in Hollywood (and in real-life). But, for A-listers, perhaps the pressures of high-profile careers are just enough to strain a relationship to the breaking point.  Outside pressures aside, when friends become enemies, experts say, it could be their own egos at fault.

According to New York-based marriage and family therapist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, "Celebrities need attention and external validation to feed their insatiable narcissism. Their narcissism in turn consumes them with self-obsession—qualities that destroy relationships and provoke hostility from others," he says. "When two narcissistic celebrities enter into a relationship with one another the results are toxic and explosive."

We profiled seven pairs of former besties to get to the bottom of the she-said/she-said and find out why these famous friends really fell out.

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