Although recent reports have surfaced that actress Demi Moore may once again be battling drug addiction (Moore had a stint in rehab during her ‘Brat Pack’ days), the seemingly healthy actress, albeit shrinking in size lately, has long been the picture of fitness. In the ‘90s, the St. Elmo’s Fire standout emerged from the haze of the hard-partying ‘80s to buff soldier in the 1997 flick GI Jane. She is one of several celebrities who have battled their demons through fitness and wellness.

We went to celebrity trainer and fitness director at New Jersey’s Sky Club Fitness and Spa Jolene Matthews to find out how six stars kicked their vices. Matthews herself is no stranger to addiction. As a recovering alcoholic, the trainer puts her past to good use through her company Addiction Fitness and Wellness, where she helps her clients “replace negative addictions with positive ones.”

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