We all know tanning is bad for us, but who doesn’t love to have that golden glow? You can forget fake-baking under artificial lights. Sugar-based spray tans that work with the body’s natural chemistry are the newest way to get a natural-looking tan without the effects of harmful UV rays.

While orange palms used to be an indicator of a faux glow, the self-tanning industry has gotten so advanced that now, the lack of tan lines is the only way you can tell sun-kissed skin isn’t actually from the sun. Some stars are even getting “sculpted tans,” where the tanner is precisely applied to create the illusion of muscle definition in areas like abs and arms.

There's no doubt; celebs are at the fore-front of the faux tanning revolution. Many have a spray tanner come to their homes, visit a salon that offers the service weekly at upwards of $50 a pop, or use their favorite bronzing products in-home. Paris Hilton reportedly even bought her own airbrush tanning machine and had her assistant trained in how to use it. Here, we profile six bronzed beauties and get the scoop on their favorite spray-tanning methods.

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