Ashley Greene’s Body-Slimming Pilates Workout

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Twilight Star Ashley Greene’s Pilates Workout Routine

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Twilight Star Ashley Greene’s Pilates Workout Routine

Calling all Twi-Hards! Fans around the world witnessed Ashley Greene flying onto Hollywood’s hot list playing Robert Pattinson’s sister in the crazy-popular vampire saga, Twilight. With her newest movie The Apparition set to hit theatres August 24, there’s no sign of her sizzling on-screen career slowing down anytime soon!

Off screen, the Breaking Dawn beauty is devoted to staying in fighting shape. It’s well known that Greene is a Pilates fanatic, so we got the scoop on her body-slimming secrets straight from her personal trainer, Risa Sheppard.

“Ashley first came in about three years ago and I worked with her quite extensively on her form and her control,” Sheppard says. “She goes in and out of town a lot so it was important to create a regime she could do outside with her travels and on set.”

From the looks of that trim and toned bod, the Sheppard Method seems to be the perfect fit for the 25-year-old actress! Working up a serious sweat two to three days per week for 45-minute sessions, together they focus on creating proper alignment due to weakness in Greene’s lower back.

“We wanted to create a strong back and stomach, as well as flexibility within the entire body to keep her strong both physically and mentally for acting roles and other endeavors,” The Pilates master says. “It’s important to know that your mind and body work together. The more flexible you are in the body, the more flexible you’ll be in the mind.”

From a flatter stomach and raised booty to leaner, longer legs and a smaller waistline, the benefits of Pilates don’t stop there! “I call it de-clumping,” Sheppard says. “Pilates just lifts everything up! It’s long-lasting and you’ll always stay toned, but it also works so well internally. It incorporates who you are and becomes a part of your everyday life—the way you handle yourself and move. You’ll become more graceful, more controlled, and have even more confidence.”

That’s why we were thrilled when Sheppard shared a sample of Ashley’s powerful Pilates routine. Check it out on the next page!

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