Emily VanCamp's Revenge-Worthy Workout

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Emily VanCamp’s Revenge-Worthy Workout

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Emily VanCamp’s Revenge-Worthy Workout

Revenge star Emily VanCamp is officially a Hollywood “It” Girl, thanks to her leading lady role on the hit ABC series, and she definitely wears it well! The 26-year-old femme fatale just so happens to be in the best shape of her life, due to regular workouts with celebrity trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS.

“I’ve always loved yoga and Pilates, but Lalo has taken my workouts to a different level. Combining work on land mixed with pool exercises, we have found an incredible routine that really works for my body and gets me into shape fast for upcoming projects,” VanCamp says.

We went one-on-one with the powerhouse fitness pro (who has worked with slew of other sexy stars from top models to famous actors), where he dished on VanCamp’s butt-blasting workout and more!

SHAPE: Thanks for connecting with us! How long have you been working with Emily VanCamp? We’re such big fans!
Lalo Fuentes (LF): I’ve been working with her a little over a year. She always looks great on camera, but for Revenge, she wanted a dancer’s body and to be a little more toned with a stronger core.  She is such a hard-working young woman! She absolutely gives 100 percent during every workout.

SHAPE: What is your fitness technique?
LF: My technique that I use with all of my clients is the “freeze technique.” It’s basically about stopping on each point of the move for a quick second, which permits your brain to connect with the muscles you want to work. For example, if you are doing a squat, you want to stop on the lower part of the move, focus on the muscle you want to emphasize (in this case your glutes), and stand up or finish the move, squeezing your muscles from there. When you're in a standing position, you'll want to keep squeezing your butt until you start the next repetition. The trick is not to finish “X” amount of repetitions, but instead to make the move more efficient, burn more calories in less time, get a burn with less weight, and get in shape faster!

SHAPE: So what type of workouts do you do with Emily VanCamp that utilize this technique?
LF: Her workouts are always changing, but they tend to be half on land and half in water. We’ll focus on things such as Pilates, planks, pushups, or side extensions—just basically a lot of body movements using her bodyweight. But we won’t do any squats or lunges.

SHAPE: How often do you train her and how long is each session typically?
LF: It depends on her shooting schedule, but on average, three to four days per week, for an hour to 75 minutes per session.

SHAPE: What about nutrition? Do you recommend that Emily follow any particular diet?
LF: I could go deeper and deeper on nutrition, but the key is to start simple and take it from there. There are two very simple ways to start seeing results tomorrow. First, with every meal you eat (breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks), you need to have four things: lean protein, good carbs, good fat, and fiber—lots of fiber!

Portions are also very important. Some clients have a big social life and are always at events, so it is difficult to have them eat the regular ABC’s of a healthy diet. I've found that portion control works wonders. Our bodies don’t need as much food as our culture thinks. Our stomach is the size of our fist, or at least that’s how it started. It has an elastic property so we can teach it to reduce its size the same way we taught it to expand. Start by reducing your portions by 10 percent every two weeks until you reach the right portion size. You’ll see your weight dropping on week four!

Now, get ready to tone your tush, define your core, and sculpt your legs and hips! Check out the awesome routine Fuentes shared with us on the next page.

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