Fabulous at 50: Heather Locklear's Stay-Fit Secrets

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Fabulous at 50: Heather Locklear's Stay-Fit Secrets

When it comes to knockout bodies at any age, Heather Locklear tops the list! The slim and sexy star recently turned the big 5-0, but that clearly hasn’t stopped her from rockin’ a fabulous figure and cool confidence to match.

Gracing TV screens and magazine covers for decades, Locklear always manages to look much younger than her years.  How does she do it? Aside from those obvious good genes (yep, we’re envious), the talented actress and devoted mom has worked out in the past with celebrity trainer Garrett Warren of Woodland Hills Athletic Club.

“Heather is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, but also one of the most professional,” Warren says. “She was always on-time, incredibly committed and very driven when it came to her workouts.”

Warren, who boasts oh-so-hot celebs on his fitness roster like Kate Hudson, Jaime Pressly and Shannon Tweed, trained Locklear five days a week for three years.

“There aren’t too many areas you can pick apart on Heather because she looks so amazing,” Warren says.  “In general, we just wanted to focus on the areas ladies like to focus on…glutes, triceps, waistline and lower stomach.”

With Warren’s vigorous workouts, consistency is key. 

“The hardest, most important thing women over 40 don’t get in their workouts is consistency,” Warren says.

“Commit yourself for at least three months and don’t give up on it! Just don’t rush into things and do something big and hard right away — slowly build yourself up.”

Whether you’re over or under the age of 40, one thing’s for sure – you’ll look and feel young at heart with Locklear’s workout, below: 

You’ll Need: A treadmill, a flat bench, and 3 to 5 lb. dumbbells. 

How it Works: This workout for Locklear designed by Warren combines cardio and strength training done in supersets to work the shoulders, triceps, biceps, legs, glutes and abs (trust us, you’ll be feeling it everywhere!).

After a five-minute stretch and 12 to 15 minutes on the treadmill to warm-up, you’ll be ready to roll.

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