Get Rihanna's Rock-Hard Abs with this Workout

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Get Rihanna's Rock-Hard Abs with this Workout

Rihanna is one hot singing sensation. Having recently been named the best-selling digital artist of all time—thanks to a whopping 47.5 million downloads of her hits—the sexy songstress is also a top contender for “Album of the Year” at this year’s Grammy Awards.

But not only does the Barbadian beauty know how to rock a stage, she also rocks a bikini, too! No stranger to showin’ off some skin, getting that taut and tight tummy definitely takes work.

That’s where inspirational fitness expert extraordinaire Ary Nuñez comes in; she’s been training the artist hard for almost four years. “We focus on the core muscles, and we do a ton of repetitions,” Nuñez says.

Rihanna is as dedicated to her workouts as she is her singing career.  “Working with an artist like Rihanna has different demands than most,” Nuñez says. “We train when she’s ready…even if we’re on the road and it’s 2 a.m. in the morning. I’m on call 24/7 with her.”

Nuñez, who has worked with scores of celebs and professional athletes (she’s a kick-butt Nike sponsored athlete herself), trains Rihanna using a mix of martial arts, dancing, and calisthenics.

“Rihanna is so connected to her body. She used to work out because it was part of her responsibility, but now she works out because she loves it!” Nuñez says.

The talented trainer also works with the singer to make sure she’s fueling her body with what it needs while touring or on set. “It’s more about feeding her to perform,” Nuñez says. “She is big on protein—she loves it.” 

When it comes to Rihanna’s diet, Nuñez promotes proper food combining. “You shouldn’t mix starches with protein because there is an enzyme that exists for the processing of starches, and an enzyme that exists for the processing of protein—and they don't get along,” Nuñez says. 

“Can you imagine two enzymes having a fight in your belly? One is going to win and stay. If it's starch, it turns to glucose—not good. If it's protein, it turns to fat—also not good.”

A typical meal for the newly crowned queen of the digital universe? “Fish with a salad or veggies,” Nuñez says.

So while we all may not be able to rock a stage like Rihanna, we can still get her rock-hard abs! We were thrilled when Nuñez shared one of RiRi’s abs workouts with us (I think 'we’ve found love' with this routine, btw!) Check it out on the next page! 

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