Halle Berry's New Year's Eve Body Makeover Workout

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Halle Berry's New Year's Eve Body Makeover Workout

You’ll Need: Elliptical machine, exercise mat, bench, dumbbells, stability ball, Bosu ball

How it Works: You’ll do five to six workouts a week for an average of 45 minutes each. Braganza’s routine for Berry consists of three cardio, two circuit and one core performed in the following sequence: Cardio 1, circuit A; cardio 2, circuit B; cardio 3; and core. Complete this sequence three times with a 30-second to one-minute break in between each rotation.

CARDIO 1: 5-minute warm-up on Elliptical
Tip: Don’t forget to do a dynamic stretch after your warm-up before moving on to the first circuit.

Push-ups (10 reps)
Single Leg Lunges (12 reps per leg, with one foot on bench and 10 lb. dumbbell in each hand)
Tricep Dips (20 reps)

CARDIO 2: 5 minutes on Elliptical
Tip: Increase the intensity by adding an incline or resistance for maximum results.

Chest Press on Stability Ball (15-20 reps with 15 lb. dumbbells)
Squats (15 reps with 10 lb. dumbbells)
Tricep Kickbacks (15 reps per arm with 5 lb. dumbbells)

CARDIO 3: 5 Minutes of jump rope or jogging
Tip: Grab a Bosu Ball! Braganza loves doing ab exercises on the blue half-ball to target the stabilizing muscles of your lower back. At the end of your workout, perform 10-minutes of good stretching that focuses on hips, hamstrings and back muscles.

Plank (30 to 60 seconds, or longer if you can)
Side Plank (30 to 60 seconds on each side, or longer if you can)
Superman (as many reps as you can)
Lower Back Extension on Stability Ball (as many reps as you can)

More info on Braganza and her 321 Training Method DVD’s can be found on her official website at RamonaBraganza.com.


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