How Elizabeth Banks Stays in Camera-Ready Shape

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How Elizabeth Banks Stays in Camera-Ready Shape

Blonde beauty Elizabeth Banks is one actress who rarely disappoints, whether on the big screen or on the red carpet. With recent stand out roles in The Hunger Games, Man on a Ledge, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting to her newest movie, People Like Us, Banks is as talented as she is gorgeous!

With such a strong, lean, and toned bod, there’s no question the lovable girl-next-door can rock any role—or outfit! How does she stay in such amazing shape? We spoke with her fabulous personal trainer, Joselynne Boschen of Alpha Sport, to steal her stay-fit secrets.

“Elizabeth is clearly genetically blessed, and she’s got the most awesome energy. She loves to work out!” Boschen says. “Fitness is her lifestyle. It makes things easier to maintain when you stay on top of exercising and just being healthy like she does.”

Banks, who has worked with Boschen for about five years, trains three days per week for an hour at a time when she’s in Los Angeles. Together they focus on functional agility training (components for the Nike Training Club which has joined forces with her gym) for a mix of cardio, free weights, medicine balls, plyometrics, and TRX training. The workouts are tough, but never the same!

“It’s important to change it up daily. There is nothing more boring to me—or Elizabeth—than the same thing over and over. If you can take it outside and combine your workouts with things like hiking, even better!” she says.

We were thrilled when Boschen shared one of Bank’s workout routines with us! Check it out on the next page so you’ll feel ready for your close-up, even when you least expect it.

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