How Mila Kunis Got Fit for Friends with Benefits

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How Mila Kunis Got Fit for Friends with Benefits

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How Mila Kunis Got Fit for Friends with Benefits

Mila Kunis is sexy, sassy, smart and clearly devoted to her roles; she famously shed 20 pounds to play a prima ballerina in Black Swan. But just how did she get that bod prepped to bare it all in those—ahem—super steamy love scenes with Justin Timberlake in her new movie, Friends with Benefits?

Enter celebrity trainer Brian Abercrombie of BODY MAXX, who boasts a slew of professional athletes and high-profile stars on his fitness roster. He trained Gerard Butler to kick some major butt in 300, and I think I can speak for any woman how ah-may-zing he looked. There’s no doubt Abercrombie knows his stuff when it comes to all things fitness.

For the past year, Abercrombie has been working with Kunis on a training system called "P.A.S.E" (power, agility, strength and endurance). "The focus is rarely on a specific body part but on the body as a whole," Abercrombie says. "The rest usually takes care of itself."

For Friends with Benefits, Abercrombie increased Kunis' workouts from three days per week to five, complete with well-balanced meals of low glycemic carbs, proteins and essential fats.

"There was a joke in the script about her having no butt. I was determined to make them re-write it," he says. "I don't know if they did, but her butt looked good."

While I don’t personally have friends with benefits, I was totally pumped to learn how to benefit my own body with Abercrombie's workout and even more excited to be able to share those secrets with you.

You’ll Need: A box/step or other raised surface, a TRX Suspension Trainer, a dumbbell, an olympic bar and a medicine ball.

How it Works: This workout combines strength and endurance, consisting of six movements done in a circuit for 40 minutes with no rest.

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