How Mila Kunis Got Fit for Friends with Benefits

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How Mila Kunis Got Fit for Friends with Benefits

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How Mila Kunis Got Fit for Friends with Benefits

STEP 4: Bootstrapper Squats
How to do it: Take the handle of a dumbbell in both hands so that they are in an overlapping baseball bat grip. Straighten your arms and forward fold, keeping your legs straight. With both your arms and legs straight, set your elbows on your knees and maintain contact throughout the motion. As if dragging the weight, drop your butt toward your heels and bring the lagging weight up and under your chin.  Still with us? That is one rep. Complete six reps.

Tip: Consult this video if you still need help. 

STEP 5: Stir the Kettle
How to do it:  Hold an olympic bar with both hands and place one end of the bar on the floor into a corner of a wall. Raise the other end of the bar up to chest level and lean into it slightly, still holding it with both hands. Make a big full circle, as if stirring a large kettle (hence the name). Complete six reps in each direction.

Tip: Use a towel so that you don't damage the wall.

STEP 6: Medicine Ball Slam
How to do it:  Hold a non-bouncing medicine ball with both hands over your head.  With arms fully extended and feet hip-width apart, slam the ball into the floor. Drop as you go into a full deep and proper squat and catch the ball as it comes off the floor. Bring the ball back to the raised position. Complete six reps.

Tip: If you don’t have a medicine ball, a tough basketball or soccer ball will help you learn the movement. Make sure you slam the ball a few inches in front of your feet so the ball doesn’t rebound and hit you in the face.

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