How Zoe Saldana Got Fit for Colombiana

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Steve Moyer's Ultimate Abs and Butt Workout

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Steve Moyer's Ultimate Abs and Butt Workout

STEP 1: Squats with Exercise Ball and Resistance Band
How to do it: Place the ball against a wall and stand with your back against it so that your lower back curves naturally with it.  Your feet should be in a position so that when you squat down, your knees stay in line with your heels.  When you squat down, you should roll with the ball, keeping your lower back extended. 

At the bottom of the squat, Moyer likes to have Saldana hold a resistance band at arm’s length and pull it apart so that the band comes across her chest, working the rear delts.

Complete 12 to 15 reps, making sure each rep is very slow and controlled.

Muscles this move works:  The entire lower body. Using the ball will protect the lower back and knees -- the two areas that are most at risk when you do a regular squat.

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