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Steve Moyer's Ultimate Abs and Butt Workout

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Steve Moyer's Ultimate Abs and Butt Workout

STEP 3:  Plank Push-Ups
How to do it: Start in a plank position, keeping your body aligned from head to toe.  Work yourself up into a push-up position one arm at a time with as little body movement as possible. 

Remember that you’re not doing a push-up, you’re just transitioning from a plank position to a push-up position.  Make sure you switch which arm you use first from set to set. For reps, this will be a natural progression.

“You may start out only being able to do 3 or 4. Just try to keep adding more each time you do them you'll be surprised how quickly you can improve in this exercise,” Moyer says. “If you can do 10, that's great. If you can do 15, you're rockin'. If you can do 20 or more, you're a rock star!”

Muscles this move works: This is another great core exercise that also targets the triceps and to a lesser extent, the chest.

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