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Steve Moyer's Ultimate Abs and Butt Workout

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Steve Moyer's Ultimate Abs and Butt Workout

STEP 4: Walking Lunges
How to do it:  Start in a standing position. Next, take a step that is much longer than your normal walking step, then stop and don't let your momentum carry you forward. 

Dip straight down so that your front knee stays in line with your front heel.  If your front knee is extending past your toes, you're putting too much stress on your knee, which can cause injuries. Your back knee should come very close to the ground but it shouldn't touch it.  Come straight back up and step into your next lunge. 

“For beginners, 12 to 16 steps is a great starting point,” Moyer says. “As you get stronger, add reps until you're doing 30 to 40 total steps with weight.”

Muscles this move works: This is another great leg toner. When the form is correct, this exercise really tones the gluteus. Remember to practice good form with this tip: Step, stop, straight, down.

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