Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Workout

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Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Workout

Jennifer Aniston recently stepped out for the premiere of her new movie Wanderlust (in theatres now), which had us lusting over her awesome bod (but let’s be honest… when are we not?)!

As if rocking practically every red carpet isn’t enough, check out the March 2012 cover of GQ—the actress makes being tight and toned look easy in a black satin bra and mini-skirt for the world to see.

Aside from those obvious good genes, Aniston can credit longtime yoga teacher, wellness advisor, and dear friend, Mandy Ingber, for keeping her body, mind, and soul in tip-top shape.

Ingber, who also works closely with Kate Beckinsale and a slew of other stars, has been working with Aniston for 3-4 days a week since 2005. 

Using a combination of yoga, spinning, and toners, the talented actress follows Ingber’s Yogolosophy program (Aniston even took the inspiring DVD with her while filming Wanderlust).

When the dynamic duo first started working together, Ingber says it was important for Aniston to develop a better connection to her mind, emotions, and body

“She hadn’t been exercising much because she was overloaded with work for so many years, so it was really about grounding into her body during a major professional and personal life change,” she says.

The results have spoken for themselves. Though the pair didn’t have an ultimate goal, Aniston’s body has never looked better! 

“Part of why Jennifer looks so awesome is her balance. She's a balance of having strength, being toned, and being lean—beautiful but natural,” Ingber says. “She works hard, but you also see her taking care of herself. She's a career woman and a relationship person. We should have balance in all aspects of our lives! Always address all aspects of who you are.”

We’re inspired too, because it’s clear Aniston has an incredibly healthy outlook when it comes to her busy career, personal life, and fitness regime.

“Jennifer is very disciplined, but moderate,” Ingber says. “She knows what works and is quite consistent. I love working with her! She is a very positive, down to earth, and loving person… I’m inspired by her.”

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