Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated Tone-Up Plan

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Kate Upton looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but how did she get her bodacious bod in bikini-ready shape for the infamous issue? One thing’s for sure; it required a whole lot of dedication! The blonde bombshell trained with fitness expert extraordinaire David Kirsch and let’s just say, the workouts were intense.

“Kate is the consummate professional—focused and disciplined and did whatever I asked of her,” Kirsch says. “She’s the best client a trainer could hope for.”

We got the scoop from the personal training powerhouse himself to talk about Upton’s cover-ready shape-up plan. Read on for more!

SHAPE: Kate Upton looks incredible on the SI cover! Give us the scoop on your workouts.
David Kirsch (DK): Kate and I started working together in August. At the beginning, we did two-a-days seven days a week. Then, we did one-and-a-half or two hours five to six days per week. The idea was to create a strict cardio and sculpting boot camp that entailed weights and resistance bands, sprinting and calisthenics, shadow and kick boxing. The workouts were very intense cardio sculpting circuits centered on core, legs, butt, and arms.

SHAPE: Did you ramp up the intensity even more as the shoot got closer, within one to two weeks?
DK: For the cover, we stepped up the intensity and added an additional 45 minutes of cardio—rowing, sprints, and elliptical. She also restricted her diet to shakes, greens, and one snack bar per day.

SHAPE: Did Kate have any specific fitness goals for the swimsuit edition?
DK: Kate has really beautiful curves and I was determined, no matter how hard we trained, that I didn’t want her to lose a crazy amount of weight. The goal was to lengthen and tone her thighs and inner thighs and keep her butt perky. It wasn’t about dramatically changing her body, I didn’t want to do that. Just tighten, tone, and lengthen. I’d say she met them; She’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition!

Whether you have a big event coming up or you just want to tighten and tone your body before spring, check out the super-effective exercises Kirsch used with Upton on the next page!

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