Katharine McPhee's Hot-Body Secrets

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Katharine McPhee’s Hot-Body Secrets

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Katharine McPhee’s Hot-Body Secrets

Katharine McPhee's Total-Body Workout

How it works: Do the full routine without resting between moves. It’s a toughie but we love it!

You’ll need: Treadmill, exercise mat, jump rope, stairs, dumbbells, resistance band, Jacobs’s Ladder cardio machine.

Warm-up: Start with a 3- to 4-minute warm-up on the treadmill. Walk at a 4.0 speed, 5.0 incline. After, stretch for a few minutes to hit all the major muscle groups.

Leg lifts: 15 reps
Scissor kicks: 30 seconds

Knees to chest: 15 reps
Boxer sit-ups: 15 reps
Sit-up, stand-ups: 15 reps
V-ups: 15 reps

Straight kick: 15 reps
Jumping jacks: 30 seconds
Deep squats: 30 seconds
Stairs: 3 minutes up, 3 minutes down

15 seconds
Lunges: 1 minute with arms above head, 1 minute with arms at your side

Squats: Do these against the wall for 30 seconds

Sprints: Sprint on a treadmill at 9.0 speed for 2.5 minutes

30 seconds

Grab a pair of light dumbbells (5 lbs.)
Tricep extensions: 15 reps
Curls: 15 reps
Military press: 15 reps

Lateral raise: 15 reps
Pushups: On your knees for 15 reps
Jump rope: 3 minutes

Repeat this upper-body set 3 times, and then move on to more legs and cardio.

Jacob’s ladder: 3 minutes
Treadmill: Walk at a 10.0 incline at 4.0 speed for 3 minutes

Jacob’s ladder: 3 minutes
Plank: 1 minute
Pushups: 5 reps on your toes

Treadmill: Jog for 3 minutes at 6.0 speed, no incline
Plank: 1 minute

Jump rope: 3 minutes

Guess what? You’re all done!

Huge thanks to Oscar Smith for sharing one of Katharine McPhee’s workouts! For more info on Smith, visit his website, Facebook, or Twitter.


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