Molly Sims' Yoga Workout

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Molly Sims' Yoga Workout

Molly Sims is one of those celebs that always seems to look phenomenal. Whether she’s rocking the cover of a magazine in an itsy-bitsy bikini or just hangin’ in jeans and a loose t-shirt, there’s something about this natural beauty that exudes total confidence, class…and one incredible figure!

While her beauty seems completely effortless, Sims has been known to work hard at looking good.  Some of her stay-skinny secrets include sweating (any activity that gets you dripping wet is great for toning muscles and shedding fat), spinning, the elliptical, walking, running, pilates and one of her favorites yoga.

The supermodel turned media mogul has trained with yoga expert Kathleen Kastner of in the past, who says “Molly loved to be challenged, worked very hard and was always open to trying new poses. She never complained, which made my job interesting and fun!”

Kastner (who has been teaching yoga for 15 years and trained both Deepak Chopra and Emily Deschanel) worked with Sims twice a week for a year, teaching her Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga.

“Molly wanted to keep her muscles long and lean and to improve flexibility in her hips and hamstrings,” Kastner says. “She used to be a swimmer and told me she could easily build muscle and had bulked up in the past with a personal trainer.”

Ashtanga and Vinyasa strengthens and lengthens at the same time while continuously flowing, which adds an element of cardio.

“It was the perfect form of exercise for the look she was trying to achieve and for her body type,” Kastner says.

Whether you’re a yoga expert or just beginning your practice, one thing’s for sure: yoga benefits the body, mind and soul. The best part? Be still and know that you don’t have to be a supermodel to look and feel like one with Sims’ yoga workout, which we were lucky enough to have Kastner share with us!

You’ll Need: A yoga mat and water. Before you start, check out this series of videos Kastner filmed with Sims to get the view from Molly’s mat, along with some great tips.

How it Works: Each practice begins with a warm-up of sun salutations. First comes five rounds of surya namaskara A, followed by five rounds of surya namaskara B.

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