Molly Sims' Yoga Workout

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Molly Sims' Yoga Workout

Crow Pose

How to do it: Bend arms for triceps shelves and climb knees up into armpits, while pointing toes up towards buttocks. 

Muscles it works: Strengthens arms and abs.

Boat Pose

How to do it:  Begin with bent knees and lift the heart; then breath the legs straight and extend arms straight out and engage triceps muscles.

Muscles it works: Strengthens lower back, abs, legs and arms.

Extended Wide Leg Stretch

How to do it: Clasp hands behind back and forward bend with toes slightly turned in, while breathing the chest and shoulders muscles open, stretching them away from the body with each exhale.

Muscles it works: Stretches chest, shoulders and hamstrings.

One-Legged Pigeon Pose

How to do it: Front leg angles slightly to the right, with the back knee facing straight down, so hips are squared to the ground. Inhale lift the heart, exhale, forward fold over front leg and rest on forearms or head to floor.

Muscles it works: Stretches buttocks and hips. 

Bound Angle Pose

How to do it: Draw heels toward the groins and inhale. Sit up tall and exhale, lean forward with a flat back while separating the arches of the feet with the thumbs.

Muscles it works: Stretches, groins and hips.

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