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Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso's Winter Games Workout
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Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso's Winter Games Workout

Bombing down a snowy slope at gold-medal-winning speeds of 85 miles per hour isn't just about having a super smooth swoosh. What Olympic alpine skier Julia Mancuso does off her skis is just as important to her game. For the last seven years, the fierce brunette has been training with Maui-based Scott Sanchez, a two-time alpine skiing Olympian and former Olympic coach for 12 cycles. He's one of the many reasons she decided to move to the gorgeous tropical island in the offseason.

"For Julia to get in winning shape, it's crucial for her to focus on her glutes and hamstrings, plus her ability to be explosive," Sanchez says. "It's also very important for her to be able to recover quickly at high speeds and during risky situations."

Even if a snow-capped mountain isn't in your future, you can still benefit from Mancuso's training style. Sanchez shared two killer routines (one for the gym, one for the beach) that are guaranteed to challenge your body and spice up your regular routine.

Try this circuit in the gym, and then check out the beach workout here for the next time you have access to sand.

How it works: Three days per week, perform 1 set of each exercise back to back. Repeat twice more (3 rounds total). Warm up by performing the following moves for 1 minute each: standing high knees, squats with arm swings reaching skyward, jumping jacks, and leg swings front to back (30 seconds per leg). Cool down by hopping on a stationary bike with no resistance for 10 to 15 minutes.
You will need: Bosu ball, Free weights, Box
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