Rachel McAdams' High-Intensity Workout Routine

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Rachel McAdams' High-Intensity Workout Routine

The beautifully talented Rachel McAdams may be most known for her roles in The Notebook, Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, and The Time Traveler’s Wife, but we love her dedication to healthy living, too.

The 33-year-old actress is passionate about biking and yoga (she has previously said she practices Kundalini nearly every morning) and also founded a blog called “Green is Sexy," which is full of tips on how to live life to the greenest. 

Gotta love a gal who is kind to both her body and the environment—and looks impossibly amazing in everything she wears on the red carpet, to boot. So with her newest romantic drama The Vow hitting theatres today (February 10) we were inspired to take a vow ourselves to get the scoop on her diet and fitness regime. 

Strength and conditioning coach Jerry Owen, who has trained McAdams in the past, describes the Hollywood star as extremely hard-working—and of course, we’re not surprised!

“She’s very athletic, moves very fluidly, and never needed a lot of correction in her workouts,” he says. “We found a way to work out every day, even if we had to do it at 4 a.m.”

With McAdams, Owen—who is currently training four world-champion fighters—focused on shorter bursts of exercise with higher-intensity circuits. 

“Going at a steady rate for an hour isn’t improving your cardiovascular system,” Owen says. “With a shorter, more intense exercise, your body is forced to tap into its fat storage to get a more sustainable energy force. Studies prove this quick, high-intensity method burns more fat.”

We’ll get to more of McAdams’ workout later (hint…it’s definitely a toughie!) but when it comes to her diet, we’re guessing it was equally as intense. But we've got some some good news: Owen doesn’t believe in low-fat diets.

“I have all my clients rid their cabinets of low-fat foods because they tend to overeat it,” Owen says. “I believe everything in moderation. Eat and enjoy red meat, take in plenty of leafy greens and coniferous veggies… just make sure a protein and fat is in every meal. And if you’re going to have complex carbs, it’s better to have them first thing in the morning.” 

Back to that workout! To get a tight and toned body like McAdams, take a vow and try her total-body high-intensity routine on the next page. 

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