Ringer Star Sarah Michelle Gellar's Total Body Workout

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Ringer Star Sarah Michelle Gellar's Total Body Workout

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Ringer Star Sarah Michelle Gellar's Total Body Workout

Sarah Michelle Gellar is one feisty, fearless female! The kick-butt TV veteran currently stars in The CW’s newest hit show Ringer, but she’s been wowing us for over a decade with her strong acting skills and buff body to match.

What’s the actress’ secret to keeping camera-ready all the time? In addition to chasing her adorable toddler around (two-year-old Charlotte Grace with husband Freddie Prinze, Jr.), some of her stay-fit secrets include exercising outdoors, Pilates, eating healthy and juicing.

Gellar has also worked with celebrity trainer Phong Tran of Joe’s Gym. Tran, whose expertise is dynamic functional training, worked with the athletic actress three times a week for two years, focusing mainly on Plyometrics.

“Sarah’s body type was perfect, but she just needed to be stronger because she does a lot of her own stunts,” Tran says. “Everything we did had to center around a very strong core, and her abs and back always had to be engaged.”

It’s not surprising Gellar was just as dedicated to Tran’s fitness routine as her acting roles.

“She was always very present in her workouts, always willing to try new moves and give it her best,” Tran says. “She was the perfect client!”

While we may not all be TV stars, we can still look and feel like one! The talented trainer gave us the scoop on how we can get buff arms, lean legs, and a super sexy midsection — just like Gellar. Read on for more!

You’ll Need: Cable rack; floor mat; dumbbells; high pulley with a straight, cambered or V bar; box step.

How it Works: Tran’s total-body workout he created for Gellar focuses on plyometrics to work the core, biceps, triceps, quads, glutes, shoulders, abs, obliques, back, thighs, legs, hamstrings and butt.  It consists of seven movements done in a circuit for 60 minutes with no rest. 

Begin with a light stretch and then warm-up for 5-15 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical – whatever gets your whole body moving!

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