Celebrity Workouts
Madonna's "Unapologetic Sweat Camp" Workout

Compound exercises + explosive cardio = a killer total-body circuit.

Why the U.S. Women's Soccer Team Is Calling World Cup Conditions a "Nightmare"

While the men play on grass, the USWNT is forced to play on turf—and that means turf burns, a higher risk of injury, and a serious injustice to female athletes.

JLo Wants to Be Your Workout Buddy

The star is challenging you to join her 10-week weight loss campaign to #BeTheGirl of your dreams and get into the best shape ever.

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How Gabby Reece Stays in Awesome Shape

Spoiler: it includes weight training in the pool!

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"I'm Just Exercising to Be a Person Who Lives Past 50"

Lena Dunham says taking care of your health has way more to do with just looks or losing weight.

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How Christy Turlington is Using Apple Watch to Train for the London Marathon

The model and avid runner shows how the hotly anticipated Apple Watch can be used to train for—and run—a marathon.

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Could You Keep Up with Beyoncé at the Gym?

Queen B worked up a sweat for Michelle Obama's great cause. Watch the impressive video, and find out how you can support #GimmieFive.

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Kristin Cavallari's Favorite Total-Body Gym Routine

Despite her busy schedule, the mom of two always hits the gym. Here's the exclusive workout that gets her toned in no time.

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6 Stars Who Taught Workout Classes For Regular Gym-Goers

Dance with Madonna, squat with Karlie and stretch with Brooke—if you're lucky enough to get in.

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