Celebrity Workouts
10 Hottest Stars of Summer: Emma Stone

SHAPE reveals how The Amazing Spider-Man starlet stays fit and healthy.

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#8 Hottest Star of Summer

Find out how The Bachelorette beauty stays fit and gorgeous.

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Celebs' Favorite Outdoor Workouts

Forget the stuffy gym. Mother Nature has so much more to offer!

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In the Gym with Gretchen Bleiler

The Olympic snowboarder shares 3 of her go-to moves for optimal performance on the hill.

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Naomi Watts' 3 Exercises for a Red Carpet Body

Work your butt, shoulders, abs, and arms and get in cardio with the actress's favorite intense total-body moves.

Kate Upton’s Cover-Ready Workout

David Kirsch shares 9 moves he used to firm & tone every inch of that bikini body.

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Katharine's Golden Globe Workout

We got the inside scoop straight from the Smash star's personal trainer!

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Audrina's 4 Moves for a Sexy 6-Pack

It's always bikini season for this beach bombshell. Steal her go-to plan to score toned, flat abs.

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Adriana Lima’s Workout Secrets

Find out how she got her super-sexy body back just 5 weeks after Baby!

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