Get Off-the-Charts Energy!

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Get Off-the-Charts Energy!

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Although you might assume that pop stars subsist on green salads, that's not the case: Nelly Furtado and Miley Cyrus are known to regularly dine on steaks and burgers.

"Vegetables alone won't give you sufficient energy to perform," says Koff, who advises loading up on whole grains, beans, and lean red meat. Beef is a good source of nutrients that are essential for energy, such as iron, protein, and zinc. According to a Cornell University study, even a slight iron deficiency can cause fatigue.

Nearly half of women don't consume enough iron, so be sure to get at least 18 milligrams (mg) a day from beef (3 mg per 3-ounce serving), as well as eggs (1 mg each) and lentils (7 mg per cup).

One caveat: Wagyu or Kobe beef (or any other marbled cut, like rib eye or New York strip) can leave you feeling lethargic. "High-fat meats are energy zappers," cautions Wiatt. "Because they take a long time to digest, you feel heavy and sluggish after eating them." She serves Fergie lean cuts, such as flank steak and sirloin.

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