Get Off-the-Charts Energy!

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Get Off-the-Charts Energy!

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"The first thing I tell clients is to make sure they're drinking enough water," says Jackie Keller, a nutrition expert who has worked with Ashlee Simpson and Barbra Streisand. In fact, researchers at Tufts University found that even a 1 to 2 percent dip in hydration—the point at which you start feeling thirsty—can make you sluggish. "Your cells rely on water to make and use energy," says Keller, who recommends drinking at least half a cup every hour, or 8 cups throughout the day.

But if you're super active, the plain stuff may not cut it. "For fluids to fully penetrate and hydrate cells, you need electrolytes like sodium and potassium," says Koff. The solution: coconut water, which comes from the young, green fruit.

Try Vita Coco ($24 for a pack of 12;, a favorite of Madonna and Jessica Simpson. One 11-ounce container has nearly 20 percent of your daily potassium needs for a mere 60 calories. "The mineral is also important for muscle and nerve function, which is key for performers and exercisers alike," says Koff. Sip the slightly sweet beverage during workouts. Or get your fix by chugging water and nibbling a potassium-rich snack, such as a banana—you'll notice that your energy hits a high note!

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