The One Thing Ivanka Trump Eats at Every Meal

Our May cover girl reveals how she balances work, family, fitness, and eating right, as well as her diet.

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What You Should Know Before Starting a Raw Diet

Matthew Kenney, raw food chef and guru, explains the benefits of raw vegan foods and the best way to ease into the eating style.

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Ellie Goulding Can Crack a Walnut with Her Legs

From daily 6-mile runs to impressive half-marathon times, this busy British pop star's dedication to healthy living seriously pays off.

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Meet Raw Food Chef Matthew Kenney

The celebrated chef and restaurateur explains how going from classically trained NYC cook to raw vegan transformed his health.

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Bikini Body Secrets of SI Swimsuit Models

Learn the workouts that help them rock the teeniest 2-pieces, plus a sure-fire tip to fall asleep in seconds.

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Naomi Campbell's Top 2 Beauty Essentials

Our April cover model reveals her secret to flawless skin, diet, and more in this behind-the-scenes video of her photo shoot.

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Stay-Fit Secrets of Veronica Mars' Stars

With the release of the fan favorite film, we caught up with the stars on the red carpet at the movie premiere.

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Julia Mancuso’s Weird Go-To Training Workout

You'll never guess what keeps the Olympic skier in medal-winning shape and sculpts that famous butt!

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