#AskJillian: Jillian Michaels’ Twitterview Transcript

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#AskJillian: Get Jillian Michael’s SHAPE Twitterview Transcript

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#AskJillian: Get Jillian Michael’s SHAPE Twitterview Transcript
@JillianMichaels: What are some of the craziest things you saw in people’s kitchens while filming Losing it with Jillian? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Honestly it's the same crap you see in most homes, processed everything - meat, grains, dairy. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: @BarbaraANN76 would like advice for eating right for low income families. #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Buy in bulk, frozen, store brands.  Shop online or farmers markets. Clip coupons, join a CSA or co-op. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What are your top food/meal choices for eating on a budget? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Beans and whole grains. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Can you share a few of your favorite healthy food swaps? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Quinoa pasta for processed. Avocado for mayo. Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Apple sauce instead of butter #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: If there was one food you could take out of the American diet what would it be and why? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Gonna cheat & choose an ingred. Hydrogenated oil/trans fat.Heart disease is #1 killer in US—It plays a big part #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: And if you could insist we all add one food item to daily diets, what would it be? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Gosh... one only??  Greens. They are loaded with phytonutrients, fiber, water and very low in calories.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Do you count calories? If so, how many do you eat a day? If not, why not? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I do actually. When I train I shoot for 2000 and when I don't I shoot for around 1600-1700.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: When it comes to food how do you indulge and how often? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Every day. 200 calories worth. But I don't eat chemicals. Sugar in moderation. Chemicals never. #AskJillian
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