#AskJillian: Jillian Michaels’ Twitterview Transcript

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#AskJillian: Get Jillian Michael’s SHAPE Twitterview Transcript

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#AskJillian: Get Jillian Michael’s SHAPE Twitterview Transcript
@JillianMichaels: Do you cook most of your own meals? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: No...I wish. But we have a few healthy places that we regularly frequent so we manage. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Eating right at restaurants can be tough. What would a dinner order look like for you at your fave restaurant? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: We have a place we love called Plate. I get a beet&goat cheese salad w/cedar plank salmon w/steamed green beans #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: if you had to eat fast food where you go? Can you give us a few healthier options?  #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Closest I get to "fast food" is smthng like Chipotle. I get the fajita plate, side of black beans, fish tacos #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Are there any restaurants you would never eat at? What? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Burger King, Carls Junior... gross.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: We know your kids are too young but if they were going back to school, what would you put in their lunchboxes? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Actually Lu is going to school at the moment. It serves healthy food, which is a BIG part of why we chose it. #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I'd put healthy sandwiches, fruits, crackers, and cheese in her lunch bag. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What did you have for dinner last night? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Sushi!  Mostly sashimi, but I did have a few pieces of spicy tuna w/no mayo & baked crab hand roll w/no mayo. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What did you have for breakfast this morning? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I had an ezekial english muffin with almond butter.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Have you worked out or does that come later? What does YOUR workout look like? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Honestly it comes whenever I can find the time. I’m actually on the stair climber at the gym right now! #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Did you have a snack? If yes, what, and how late do you eat? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Not yet, but I will.  I eat every four hours so 4 x a day. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Aside from working out and healthy eating, what are your hobbies? Do you even have leisure time for hobbies? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: Love riding my horses, paddle boarding & motorcycle riding (which I don't do much now that I have kids) sigh #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Most people veg on the couch in down time. What do you like to do to really relax? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Get my mom to babysit and sleep! #AskJillian
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