#AskJillian: Jillian Michaels’ Twitterview Transcript

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#AskJillian: Get Jillian Michael’s SHAPE Twitterview Transcript

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#AskJillian: Get Jillian Michael’s SHAPE Twitterview Transcript
@JillianMichaels: You have great arms, what is your favorite move for sculpting them? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I do body weight training predominantly so push-ups, pull ups, and dips are key for me.  #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: What is your favorite move for sculpting a lifted booty? This one can be a challenge! #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: I go back to basics on this one. Squats, squats, and more squats. #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: Are there any exercise moves you hate doing but keep in your routine because they are so good? What? #AskJillian
@Shape_Magazine: RUNNING. I loathe it!! #AskJillian
@morganblake92: Can GMO be in organic foods? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: no! However as of yet they aren't required to label gmo so make sure to vote on that this year!
@katyruddrn: What do you say to critics of clean, organic eating with the latest study saying organic isn't more nutritious? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: the point of organics isn't about what u get it's about what u don't! No pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc
@ashlv317: I like the style of clothes u wear. What r ur fav clothing stores? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: for fitness I wear k Swiss. They make clothes for me. For fashion I like Jeffrey in NY and Maxfields in LA.
@HauteHealthy: What do you recommend as a ratio for cardio/strength training per week? #AskJillian 
@JillianMichaels: I blend them whenev possible. I circuit train so I challenge my cardiovascular system w strength exercises
@liturzaeta: Now that your a Mom what is the one thing that has changed your view? #AskJillian
@JillianMichaels: gosh it's everything not 1 thing. I realized that u can have it all. Just not at the same
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