Brooke Burke on Healthy Life Balance (When You're Not Always Perfect)

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Brooke Burke on Healthy Life Balance (When You're Not Always Perfect)

Brooke Burke's Healthy Lifestyle Tip #3: Confidence Trumps DNA
Of all the benefits of exercise, the one Brooke values most is the self-confidence it gives her. "There's something magical about a woman who feels comfortable in her own skin," she says. "Power and beauty come from a very deep place. You can look at a supermodel and, yes, she's beautiful, but then you meet a woman who just has something special about her, who becomes more attractive as you get to know her. The older a woman gets, the more she can tap into that—at least that's what I've experienced personally. It's about owning who you are."

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Brooke Burke's Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 4: A Bucket List is Motivating
A year ago, Brooke was inspired to come up with a bucket list. "Every woman should give herself an hour to dream and write down her desires," she says. "Once I started focusing on the things I wanted, they all started coming true." Proof positive it works: Number 20 on her list was to be on the cover of SHAPE. "I never wanted to be on magazines like Vogue or Allure; I wanted to be on SHAPE," says Brooke. "There's something very special to me about being relatable to other women, being healthy, and representing confidence at any age."

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