Brooke Burke on Healthy Life Balance (When You're Not Always Perfect)

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Brooke Burke on Healthy Life Balance (When You're Not Always Perfect)

Brooke Burke's Healthy Lifestyle Tip #5: You're as Important as Your Children
"As mothers, we're always pulled in a thousand directions with obligations to our families, but not necessarily to ourselves," says Brooke. "I'm really good at taking care of everyone else in my life, but now I'm finding what fulfills me." One trick is to schedule a day to do absolutely nothing. "I'll write down my 'me' time in the calendar. Sometimes I'll go work out or just sleep in, whatever it takes to manage my stress. It's really about being in touch with your body and knowing when it needs to just rest."

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Brooke Burke's Healthy Lifestyle Tip #6: Nice Girls Kick Ass Too!
On her blog for, Brooke broached the subject of women—especially mothers—standing up for themselves. "For much of my life, I've felt like I've compromised myself in many ways that benefited other people," says Brooke. "I needed to change that." For her, it was a matter of listening to her inner voice, being strong, and then speaking her mind. "Making decisions and committing to them is better than being wishy-washy," she says. "You have to trust your instincts, then have the confidence to act upon them."

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