Dr. Oz: 5 Tips for Lasting Love, Health, and Happiness

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4. Show Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T
No matter how head over heels you are in the beginning of your courtship, eventually you’re going to discover that relationships are hard work. “You’re super-attentive and sweet to each other at first,” says Lisa. “But after a few years, it’s easy to forget to say things like ‘thank you’ and ‘please.’ Sometimes you’re nicer to a complete stranger than you are to your spouse!” Empathy and thoughtfulness are key to getting through tough times together, says Dr. Oz. “It’s difficult to love someone you don’t respect, which is hard to remember when you’re having an argument. Lisa knows how to push my buttons. She doesn’t do it on purpose, but it happens. Then we fight and make up.”
5. Get Physical
And that’s where the sex comes in. “My prescription for sex…” Dr. Oz begins, “...is to have it as often as possible!” finishes Lisa, laughing. The Ozes strongly believe in keeping the home fires burning brightly. In fact, says Lisa, “that’s a perfect metaphor. It’s much harder to reignite a flame once it’s dead. You have to make intimacy a regular part of your life.” So how often does the doctor recommend a couple get busy? “Two to three times a week,” he says. (Lisa says six, but who’s counting?) Besides the pleasure factor, says Dr. Oz, “sex helps you live longer. It’s been scientifically proven that twice a week equals three more years of life.” ’Nuff said!
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