Sofia Vergara's Rules of Attraction #5: Maintain a Healthy Weight
At 5'7", Sofia's ideal weight is 125. She's not obsessed with the scale, but she does weigh herself to keep track of her weight. "I always allow myself a window of three to five pounds when I'm not working." To drop those extra pounds quickly and healthfully, Sofia orders a two-week meal plan from Freshology, a diet delivery service. "The food is good and I don't have to think about it," she says. "But I don't ever want to get super skinny. I think when women reach a certain age, they look better with a little fat in their face. I'm lucky I'm Latin because people expect me to be a bit more plump."

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Sofia Vergara's Rules of Attraction #6: Trade Sit-Ups for Salsa
Want to see Sofia make the "ugh" face? Ask her what she does to work out. "Oh, I hate it!" she says. "But I also know that at my age—I'm almost 40!—I have to do it to maintain my figure. When I can, I do Latin dancing for exercise because it's so much fun and I just love the music." She also recently discovered Physique 57, a cardio program combined with toning and strength training, which she does a few times a week. The hard part for her is actually getting to the gym. Her motivational trick? "I psychologically fool myself into believing it's part of my job. And then, of course, once I'm done, I'm really glad I did it because I feel so good."


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