Secrets of a Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Revealed!

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Secrets of a Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Revealed!

Body wraps, Botoxed brows, butt lifts, plumped up heels, and fat-melting procedures… just a few of the secrets celebs have to keep the glossy mags and HD from ruining their flawless facades.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a top celebrity plastic surgeon and former star of E!'s Dr. 90210, gives SHAPE the scoop on who may or may not have gone under the knife, who did and shouldn't have, and which celebrity body parts his patients are asking for.

SHAPE: Let's start with the best and the worst of 2011. Who's had the best plastic surgery results in your opinion?

Dr. Youn: Kris Jenner underwent a facelift on [her E! show] Keeping up with the Kardashians. Her jawline is tight, her skin is smooth, and she looks completely natural! Kris is an example of great celebrity plastic surgery.

As for the worst, Suzanne Somers had a Stem Cell Facelift. Suzanne is what we plastic surgeons call a ‘pillow face.' Her cheeks are plumped up and her lips look like two hot dogs. Some plastic surgeons believe that stem cells injected into the face can give a long-lasting plumpness to the face. For her sake, let's hope these plastic surgeons are wrong.

SHAPE: There are so many celebrities who appear to have had something done but it's hard to say for sure. We always want to know ‘did they or didn't they?' Give us the scoop.

DY: Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley aka JWoww is denying reports of having work done on her face, but in my opinion she's undergone some non-surgical treatments, like injections of Restylane to fill in her wrinkles and Botox to smooth her forehead. It's one way the star may be trying to fight off premature aging caused by living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Ali Lohan is another young star who is said to be ‘laughing off' reports that she underwent plastic surgery earlier this year, but like her sister Lindsay, I believe she has definitely toyed around with lip injections.

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