Secrets of a Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Revealed!

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Secrets of a Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Revealed!

SHAPE: Which star body parts are patients requesting?

DY: Plastic surgeons received an increased number of ‘butt lifts' being requested after Pippa Middleton came into the spotlight.

Scarlett Johansson's lips have overtaken Angelina Jolie's as the most coveted in Hollywood. They are full, luscious, and match her soft face well.  They also appear to be totally natural. How can I tell? Photos of Scarlett in her early teens reveal the same full lips.

Natalie Portman's cheekbones are the best in the biz. Even after losing weight for Black Swan, her cheekbones remained high, youthful, and attractive. They are the most striking part of a very beautiful face.

After having her rhinoplasty in 2006, Ashlee Simpson's nose became the most requested one in plastic surgery. Ashlee's nose transformed her into a glamorous, gorgeous Hollywood starlet. Noses aren't meant to look good, just blend into the rest of the features of her face. Ashlee's nose job did just that.

SHAPE: What are some popular procedures celebrities are doing in general?

DY: We all know about Botox, but celebrities are also using their own stem cells and blood to create a younger, healthier glow, while at the same time eliminating the risk of side effects and reactions. Another way stars create their flawless skin is a treatment called the Tri-Laser Facial. This laser treatment clears up three common problems at the same time: sun spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

For those who wonder how the stars are able to prance up and down the red carpet in the most exotic high heels, it's because they get Restylane filler injections in the balls of their feet before a big event. This creates a cushion effect and lasts up to six months.

With all the stress and intensity that comes along with being a Hollywood star, it's amazing that the stars don't sweat. It isn't better genes. The real reason is that they get Botox injections in their underarms beforehand. This physically prevents the sweat glands from operating.

Almost every star, whether they admit it or not, has used a body wrap before hitting the red carpet, a movie set, or sometimes even the grocery store. Body wraps are the easiest, fastest way for short-term weight loss—you can lose up to 10 inches in a single hour. But it's temporary. Another new procedure is called Zeltiq, which actually freezes the fat away.

Of course, there are many anti-cellulite treatments out there, like Velashape (which Kim Kardashian underwent on Keeping up with the Kardashians), Zerona, etc., all of which are non-invasive, utilizing ultrasound waves, laser therapy, or a combination of the two.

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