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Cat Cora

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Cat Cora

There’s nothing that acclaimed chef, restaurateur, humanitarian, mother, television personality, and author Cat Cora can’t do!

From heating up kitchens worldwide with her delicious, healthy recipes to opening her own restaurants, authoring popular cookbooks, and making TV history as the first female Iron Chef, millions have been inspired by her talent and tireless ability to give back. 

Now she’s taking her culinary influence to the next level by inspiring 12 other determined chefs on her own exciting new series, Around the World in 80 Plates, premiering tonight at 10/9c on Bravo!

That’s why we were thrilled when we got the scoop from Cora herself on what’s cookin’ in her kitchen, diet, workout, and career. Read on for more!

What’s Cookin’ in Cat Cora’s Kitchen:
If there’s anyone who knows how to make good food (that’s also good for you), it’s Cora. Aside from being a world-renowned chef, she has a degree in exercise physiology with a minor in biology and nutrition.

“I’ve been involved in wellness for the last 25 years, and it’s always been a platform in my cooking,” Cora says. “It’s been such a joy to be able to bring that to fans through my cookbooks, restaurants, and shows, as well as into my own life with my kids!”

Cora recommends adding citrus, spices, and herbs to your foods to build flavor without the fat and calories. She also encourages cooking techniques like grilling or sautéing with olive oil instead of butter.

Click here for one of Cora’s favorite healthy recipes we were lucky enough to have her share with us!

What’s Cookin’ in Cat Cora’s Diet:
Growing up in a Greek-American household, the Mississippi native was raised with a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. All these years later, Cora still lives by the nutritious eating philosophy with her own kids.

“My mother was kind of ahead of her time. While a lot of my friends were eating fried okra, we’d be eating steamed artichokes!” Cora says. “My daily diet consists of things like fresh fish, lean meats, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. Focusing on fresh ingredients, locally grown products, and staying with the seasons will always help you eat healthier.”

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