Molly Sims' Top 10 Tips for Feeling Fit, Fabulous and Focused!

10 tips for looking and feeling your best from model and actress Molly Sims

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Celebrities Reveal: “All I Want for Christmas is… ”

From cookbooks to spinning bikes, see what’s on their holiday wish list.

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Expert Advice for Giuliana's Post-Mastectomy Care

Tips for Rancic as she moves into this new phase of her life.

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Monica on Shedding the Post-Wedding ‘Happy Weight’

After gaining 11 pounds Monica shares how she got back on track.

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Up Close with Adrian Grenier

His favorite cause, how he stays fit, and what he looks for in a woman.

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How Nicole Scherzinger Keeps Herself—and the X Factor Contestants—in Shape

Nicole bares her soul (and her claws) in our exclusive interview.

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10 Fun Fitness Facts with Twilight: Breaking Dawn's Tinsel Korey

Twilight star Tinsel Korey reveals 10 fun fitness facts about herself.

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Christie Brinkley’s Stay-Fit Secrets

She looks better than ever—find out how she does it!

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