Kelly Osbourne: "How I Lost 50 Pounds and Found My Confidence"

Kelly Osbourne's weight loss workout, workout playlist and more.

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Kelly Osbourne: Weight Lost, Confidence Gained

Exclusive interview: Kelly Osbourne reveals her weight loss secrets, DWTS diet, and how she overcame insecurities.

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Kelly Osbourne: "What I Eat Every Day (Almost)"

The top 6 foods that help her stay slim can help you lose weight, too!

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Mariska Hargitay: Beyond Law & Order

For Mariska Hargitay, it's the attitude (not unlike her Law & Order alter-ego)—not the outfit—that makes a woman alluring. Use her tips to bring out your inner goddess.

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Jewel's Rules…

for staying healthy, happy, and this beautiful come down to one thing: Be true to yourself.