Jenna Fischer: Smart, Funny, and Fit

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The Office, Jenna Fischer, slim and healthy

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Jenna Fischer: Smart, Funny, and Fit

Jenna Fischer, the star of The Office reveals in the November issue of Shape, how she stays slim and healthy…and still maintains her sense of humor.

She may be an Emmy-nominated actress for her role on The Office but talk to her for a few minutes and it’s clear just how like the rest of us she really is.

It was her can-do attitude that convinced Jenna to move to Los Angeles 12 years ago with nothing but her cat, Andy, and her 85-words-a-minute typing skills. For seven years, she worked various temp jobs while waiting for her big break. These days, despite her fame and bigger paycheck, Jenna works hard to stay grounded—and healthy. The actress talked with Shape about how she does it and offered our readers an inside look at exactly which gym-moves are her favorites.

Take this job and love it!
On The Office, Jenna plays Pam, the receptionist. It's a profession she got pretty familiar with while working as an executive assistant before landing her role on the show. "I actually liked the routine of going to an office every day, having a desk, and making coffee," she says. "And when I had a good boss, I liked anticipating his needs. Even when it came to making lunch reservations, I'd think, "How can I do this better than just calling up and saying, 'Table for two'? I know! I'll make friends with the maitre d' and get the best seat in the place.' It was little things like that that made the work fun."

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