LeAnn Rimes on Her Battle with Psoriasis

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LeAnn Rimes on Her Battle with Psoriasis

Q: Aside from seeing a dermatologist, leading a healthy lifestyle helps manage the risks associated with psoriasis. What lifestyle changes have you made?
A: Trying to manage my stress is huge. It doesn't come easy. I'm doing yoga, taking care of my body by working out and eating right. I've cut fatty, fried food completely out of my diet. I'm pretty much gluten free now too. I'm constantly applying lotion and drinking water to keep my skin hydrated.

Q: How do you stay fit?
A: It takes work to eat and live healthy, but the benefits outweigh the time you put into it. I make sure I'm completely prepared. When I'm on the road, I'll look up the cities I'm going to and find a gym or a yoga studio to work out at. Just trying every day to do something active. I've been doing Muay Thai kickboxing. It's the most I've ever sweated in my life. I'll take a spin class, lift weights, go running. I try to find things that I enjoy to keep it from becoming monotonous. You just really have to be dedicated to it. Once I focused on wanting to take care of myself, I loved how I looked and felt and it became a lifestyle.

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